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Developing Android Apps & iOS Apps with the help of Cordova and PhoneGap has been capturing the market of mobile application development for quite sometimes now. The mobile app developers have the privilege of using their existing HTML, JS and CSS skills to develop cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android, along with using the other platforms. Implementing Cordova and PhoneGap has a special benefit, which includes updating the current codebase for a single time and using it for all the platforms, instead of creating a separate code for each platform. This article states about the seven most eminent factors to consider before developing mobile app for iOS and Android through Cordova or PhoneGap.

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Choosing between Cordova and PhoneGap

Making a choice between Cordova and PhoneGap may seem to be difficult, but it is indeed very simple. Adobe owns PhoneGap which is accompanied with additional built-up service. One more element associated with PhoneGap is the fact that eventually additional service may or may not be offered and there may be charges associated for future use.

Apache is the owner of Cordova and it will always be maintained as the open source project. Both PhoneGap and Cordova have similar API and it is better to choose Cordova, until you want to utilize the additional features of PhoneGap.

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Deciding the Plug-in

Plug-ins forms an eminent part of the Cordova development. Cordova comes with the minimal required APIs and you add the additional API according to the requirement of the project. The entire set of registered plug-in is available to you through the Cordova plug-in registry. There is something called the core set of “blessed” Cordova Plug-ins, which gives access to the battery, camera, geo-location, dialogs and many other features which are available across all the platforms.

There is certain third-party plug-ins which makes extra functionality like native sharing, analytics and many platform specific and device specific functionalities available for use. Cross-platform support is limited to the third-party plug-ins. What you need to confirm is the plug-ins and the version available in each platform, before deciding on the platform to use.

Deciding the Platform and version

Supporting iOS6, iOS7 and iOS8 and Android 4.4 (Kitkat, version 19) would mean that it is blessed with third-party plug-ins along with HTML and CSS3, which are modern browser friendly. The best example is the iOS apps for Face book and Twitter which only supports iOS6 and later. Supporting versions earlier to iOS5 is not easy and Cordova has assigned these versions as 3.5.

Version 5.1.1 is implemented in the first generation iPad and this makes these iPad users not able to download your apps unless you customize the application in XCode. The nest is support for 64-bits iOS device like the iPhone 5S for which you will have to use the current version of Cordova (3.5 and greater) or the other option is conducting customization with XCode.

The level of complication is more when you want to choose the legacy version for Android, which would depend on your needs. It is advisable to keep a track of the Android developer dashboard for the weekly update and statistics of the Android platform version. Play market don’t form a part of the Android version 2.0 and before that, this makes the downloading of the apps difficult for these users. For Android version 2.3 which is the Gingerbread version 10, is not recommended to be used for the Cordova security guide. Many of the third party plug-ins is also not compatible with the Gingerbread version and it is prohibited from use. The number of users for the Android 3.x which is the Honeycomb version 11-14 has zero number of users, which means that it is not worthy to put in time and effort for testing this version.

When we speak about the Android version that is worth using, we can take into consideration version 4.4 which is the kitKat version 19. It renders excellent CSS3 and HTML support. This makes it possible for the mobile App developers to build their own iOS Cordova app for Android and view the same in the 4.4.x version of the Android device. For version 4.0- 4.3, which is the ice-cream sandwich and the Jelly bean version and version 14-18 would require the app developers to put in little more effort, specifically for the implementation of hardware accelerated CSS 3D transforms and scrollable divs. This would land in you spending majority of the UI bug-fixing time working on these versions.

Modernizr would be the approach that I would recommend for CSS and platform support as well as version fragmentation. Cordova device plug-in could be used for the detecting the OS and version along with rendering special class to the HTML or the body elements like iOS, Android and Jelly-bean. You can bring in a little variation to this concept by adding a class like “legacy” for some of the platform versions. This helps in simplifying the CSS selectors and allowing similar kind of platform and version differentiation.

Considering the Form factor

This is the question that is raised in relation to the device that you would support. Would it be a mobile phone or tablet from-factors or are you interested in providing a responsive and universal experience. These are the factors that would have an effect on the requirement for designer, developer and tester for your project. This is similar to the extra effort required for each platform and platform version or a new level of effort for the designers and developers required for each form-factor and break-point setting.

This could be anticipated with the extra level of effort associated with the testing requirement for each platform version with the extra level of effort put in by the designer or the developer.

Considering the offline support

By offline support we mean the function of the app when there is no availability of internet connection. Certain apps like the calculator don’t require any internet connection, while there are other apps which don’t function in the absence of internet connection. Cordova network or Cordova connection plug-in could be used for detecting the connection type along with handling online and offline detection.

Coping-up with XCode and Eclipse

There are certain elements associated with Cordova XCode implementation, which may not be liked by most of the app developers. Some examples would be hiding the status bar while launching the application, disabling of the universal application status and customization of some of the Cordova application setting sand plug-ins. When you have the intending of launching the developed app in the app store, it is essential to learn certain basic XCode development. Knowledge regarding Eclipse IDE is essential as it would enable direct change to the AndroidManifest.XML file.

Testing of the App

It is advisable to have more than one physical device associated with each version or platform. Identification of some of the major devices could be accomplished with the help of simulators and emulators, but having a real device for testing would be an excellent idea. In certain cases emulators give false positive or negative for the bugs. It also helps to get aware of certain specific bugs and issues with the platform, version and device.

Debugging of the Cordova application could turn out to be challenging in certain cases. But this challenge could be eased out with the help of chrome and safari dev tools. In case of the Android devices, you must be capable of choosing the tool, inspect the devices along with having full access to the application’s HTML, CSS and JS. You will have access to the developer’s panel with the enabling of debugging of iOS safari and Mac safari. You can reload the app with the help of Command + R instead of opening of safari developer panel, which could be painful.

All the important points mentioned for developing iOS and Android app with Cordova and Phone Gap would be helpful for the readers in taking decision.

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Are you hiring android development company for a new app idea or to build an app to connected your existing business processes through mobility solutions? You must know a bit about Android OS and how to find a top android development company from your shortlists.

What is Android OS

Android the most widely used operating system across the world, is an open source platform. As per a research conducted on the usage of Android operating system, it was found that 75% of the mobile devices are powered by Android. This makes Android hot favorite when it comes to application development. Android was created form Google. Linux powered Android and the tradition of Linux was continued by Android which made it an open source operating system.

Being an open source make it easy for the mobile app developers to showcase their creativity through the platform of Android operating system. A mobile app developer can download the software development kit (SDK) and develop application for Android phones. Various businesses partners with the Android application development companies for the purpose of building and promoting their apps through them.


Android App Development Company

There have been many questions raised for preferring Android for the purpose of app development in comparison to the other operating systems. The wide popularity of Android is the answer to this question. Android is beneficial to the business and developers as its acts as a competitive tool for the purpose of achievement of high potent functionalities. When you decide of developing an android app for your business, it is advisable to consult an expert android app developer through a professional Android application development company.

Choosing the perfect android application development company would be a challenging task. We have some suggestion for you, which would help you in getting your Android application developed by the Android Application Development company that is best in the market.

The resources that are part of the Android Application Development Company are the most important part. The Android Application Developer working for you should posses the capability of visualizing your app concept, executing the design of your app in a manner that could be termed as creative and has the capability of deploying your Android app efficiently into the target market.

The experience of the Android Application Development company would be an important factor. How long has the Android Application Development company been in the market? What is the number of Android applications that they have developed? Checking on the real time applications developed by the Android Application Development company would be an excellent idea.

The third point to take care of would be the technical know-how of the Android Application Development company. It would be interesting to know the porting experience of the Android app that the company has in other platform like iPhone and Windows.

It would always beneficial to go with a company that has been working in the field of web designing, visualizing and digital strategy for a long time. These kinds of companies with long history would be able to design your Android app effectively.

The next aspect to check with the Android App Development company would be the fundamental skills in that are required for the development your Android app. The other features that are essential for the Android Apps Development company would be the capability in fixing bug, ability of upgrading the app and provide support after the Android app has been published.

Android powers millions of phones and tablets across the world. Its user-friendly capability, easy customization and seamless functioning have made it the favorite operating system across the globe. Find out a top android application development services provider and get mobile.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.

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Hire Android App Maker? This will certainly come to your mind, if you have boiling business idea or you are running a business. Android is the operating system that brought in revolution in the world of Smartphone and mobile application. Through Android, Google targets to emerge in the world of low cost smart phones. Have you ever thought of developing an Android App? As per the Android Application Developers, developing an android app is an easy task. Before getting into the different phrases of developing android app, it is essential to gain knowledge about android app.

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What is Android App?

Android App is a software application, which is developed operate and perform on Google’s android platform. Android application could be easily available in different platforms like Google Play store, Amazon App stores and various sites specific to Android Apps. These Android apps are compatible with smartphone, tablets and Google TV, operating on Android Platform.

Development of Android Application

An App developer has the capability of developing mobile application on android, iOS and windows OS. Here we would concentrate on the development of a mobile application for the Google’s android operating system. At present there is an increase in the demand for the low-cost Smart phones. Along with the rising demand of the smart phones, the demand for the mobile application for these phones has also increased. Let’s go through the whole process of development of an application on the most used mobile platform called Android OS.

Step 1 – Designing the features of the Android Application (For example, an android game development is considered here)

The designing of the android app consists of following five steps. These steps are

Splash- This is the first screen that the user will be able to view that would comprise of the logo of the android application, the version of android app and any kind of music depending on the requirement.

Menu- The menu screen of the android application would provide the user with the option like playing the game, viewing the current score, viewing the previous score and instruction regarding the operation of the android application.

Play- The user would be taken to this screen when he/she chooses the option of play from the menu screen. The user can start playing the mobile application from the play option.

Score- This screen of the android apps would display the highest score by the current user, the score of the previous user and the last option would be challenging the current user to improve the score by playing the android game for one more time.

Help- The option in the android application development provide the user with the instruction in regards to playing of the game. The option would also enable the user to refer to different kinds of query that he has in regards to playing of the android application.

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Hire Android App Developers

Step 2 – Determining the Android App activity requirement

The requirement for each activity has to be determined. The splash activity acts as the default activity used while launching the Android Application. The menu activity comprises of different button each corresponding to a particular feature of the application. The play activity is involved in drawing onscreen drawing of stuff, handle the various user inputs, and keep the score following the game dynamics as per the android application developer. Score activity is concerned with loading of score screen to the android application. Help activity is involved in the display of help text instead of displaying the score.

Step 3 – Implementation of functionality of the application

This involves the controlling of application state, saving the settings and launching of a specific activity. These activities are achieved by the Android Application Development through the below mentioned steps:

Using the Android Application context – The application context is used for accessing the settings and the resources that forms a part of multiple activity instances.

Retrieving of Android Application Resource- The method of retrieving a resource in the android application development would involve the usage of the unique resource identifier.

Accessing the Android Application preference – Shared application preference could be retrieved by implementing the “get shared preference” method of the android application context.

Accessing the functionality of other applications- The application context could be used for many other activities for android application development. These includes launching of activity instances, retrieval of assets package of the android application, request for system level service provider, management of private application files, inspection and enforcement of application permissions

Working with the Android Activity- This would involve the implementation of android activity for every screen of android application.

Launching of Android Application activity- Launching of the Android Application Development could be conducted through designating launch activity within the manifest file, launching through the activity context and launching of the child activity from the parent activity.

Management of the activity state- Android application manages their own state, which includes the memory, resource and data. This means that the activity of the android application which is not in use would face automatic shut down.

Implementation of activity callback- Activity call back methods like on create, setting layout with set content view, on resume, on pause, stop audio, video or animation and on destroy.

Android Application Development & android game development could take place with the implementation of three components namely context, intent and activity.

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Third quarter survey shows clearly that mobile commerce is driving growth to online retailers in United States. Key retailers are seeing mobile revenues growing at rate of 26.5% as of now. Not only retailers, mobile technology is also helping other industries and business to thrive and expand in the global market. Mobile technology has brought a wind of change in every sector and it is eminent worldwide. Before digging the USA mobile app development for ecommerce market and how it is casting its spell to propel growth in retail. Let’s have a glimpse of mobile Commerce.

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What is Mobile commerce?

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is defined as “the buying and selling of goods and services via mobile/wireless technologies and devices”. It is basically the use of mobile device to buy articles, pay bills, redeem coupon etc. Another definition explains that “Mobile Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with the help of an electronic device.” Mobile enabled ecommerce websites and ecommerce mobile apps are trending in this season.

Online Ordering Apps

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A Quick Overview of US Mobile Commerce Market

Online retailers are enjoying a good surge in mobile commerce sales around the world. United States is no exception in this regard. United States has the maximum number of big mobile players. According to a report, major 500 US e-retailers in mobile commerce are expected to witness a growth in smartphone sales by 68% this year. The report also states that big mobile companies in US will experience a massive profit driven by smartphones and tablets sales.

This would be double than the 14.5% growth in e-commerce in the first quarter of 2015. Moreover, mobile commerce will include 29.6% of total U.S. e-commerce revenue this year, up from 24.7% last year. It is estimated that in 2015 US mobile commerce sales will outnumber 2014 sales. In 2014, the country registered $75.03 billion sales and this number is expected to increase by 38.7 % with $104.5 billion sales.

The companies who share the major chunk of m-commerce platform are Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Apple Inc. These companies are playing a major role in boosting the growth of m-commerce domain in United States.

A latest report has revealed that 18 % of the worldwide and 40% of the US mobile internet users will purchase products from their smartphones in 2015. The monthly mobile visit of US merchants grew 68.3% to 3.03 billion in 2015 and mobile monthly unique visitors grew about 44% to 964.7 million. This impressive growth has attracted many US retailers to adopt m-commerce path for selling their goods. They are even investing money for the development of mobile apps which will further enhance user’s experience and customer satisfaction. Thanks to m-commerce, retailers in US are now shinning under the glory of mobile apps and thus surging demand of top mobile app developers globally.

Why Mobile Commerce is Successful?

Amidst the buzz surrounding mobile commerce, many may wonder what are the reasons that are propelling the growth of m-commerce. There are definitely many factors involved in the development of mobile commerce. Some of them are described below:

Increased investment – Lately, the mobile platform has experienced massive investments. Big investors are supporting and providing fund to mobile start-ups. This is giving birth to new companies in the e-commerce market which are driving significant growth.

Better devices – Mobile infrastructure has seen a major evolution in the recent years. Smartphones available in the market are now more easily accessible than earlier versions of mobiles. The enhanced aesthetic, efficient & fast interface, and user-friendly applications of the smartphones are making it popular among the users. Buyers are turning to mobile apps for purchasing the products instead of computers and desktops.

Improved Infrastructure – The mobile platform has tremendously improved in terms of accessibility, security and usability. People who were reluctant to use mobile phones for purchasing products earlier are now using it due to improved infrastructure. Now there are more numbers of user-friendly apps than ever.

Every company wants to improve their sales by executing all possible strategies be it the use of technology or promotion sales. Companies have got a new lucrative tool (i.e. mobile apps) to drive the sales. They will definitely explore this podium for better sales and holding their existing customers. Before anything, the retailers have to think ‘mobile first’ to experience a successful journey en-route to m-commerce. The Sooner, the better!

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You want to get your mobile app developed by the best mobile app developer, but you are not sure about choosing one among the many available in the mobile app development world. When you conduct a search for mobile app developer through Google or LinkedIn, you would come across million of profiles who are a part of the mobile app development industry and call themselves app developers who can offer you the best service. With such a wide scope of resource availability, it is very difficult to choose the appropriate one for your business. You have to make sure that you partner with a mobile app development company / professional mobile app developer that would be able to develop your mobile app effectively and give you good return for your investment. Choosing a top mobile app developer among many is indeed a challenging job, but you can make the process smooth by following the tips mentioned below.

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The first step would involve choosing some of the mobile app development companies from the unending list of companies that has been generated through the search you conducted. Conduct an in-depth research of their website and critically evaluate the designs and the portfolios. Go with a company which has an impressive website. If a company cannot design their website appropriately, they will not be capable designing your Mobile App.

While choosing a Mobile App Developer, go with the one who is experienced. Conduct a discussion with the Mobile App Developer regarding your project. Make sure that he is capable in clearing your queries and doubts on the basic issues, and you are satisfied with his answer. For example, the mobile app developer should be able to clear your doubts on GPRS, social media integration, etc.

Check the apps they have created and the ones in the App store. Do the appearance and the feel of the apps impress you? The next thing that you have to find out is the compatibility level of the Mobile App Developer in working on different platforms like android, iOS, Blackberry and Window. You will have to make sure that the Mobile App Developer is efficient in developing a mobile app that is compatible with various devices like Smartphone, Tablet, readers and Smartphone into Various viewing screens.

Finalize on a Mobile App Developer only when they are capable of providing an ongoing technical support after the launch of the Mobile App. They should also be capable in eliminating and handling the bugs that the users would find after the launch of the Mobile App.

Before signing the contract, get the code samples for the Mobile App Development Company and get them verified form the experts. You will have to make sure that the codes are not more than necessary and are effective and logical. You will also have to verify if the Mobile App Developer is an expert in the language that would be implemented for the programming of the Mobile App. These languages could be like Objective C, Java, etc.

It is always recommended to hire a quality Mobile App Developer. This is in context of the fact that quality service comes with a price. It is always better to getting your Mobile App developed by a good and recognized Mobile App Development company, even if the price is little more.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


How Google cloud computing has helped in easy data access?


Cloud computing or “the cloud” is storing and accessing data in the internet in place of external or computer’s hard disk. It is also known as on-demand computing where information is provided to computers and other devices on demand.

With an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere. Google Cloud Dataflow, the successor to the much acclaimed MapReduce service, is a managed service that enables the Android developers to create data pipelines that analyze data in both batch and streaming modes. MapReduce was processing the massive data sets using distributed computing. But now MapReduce stands outdated. MapReduce is a programming model for maintaining a large amount of data in a systematic manner. It is usually applicable for handling large and long-running jobs such as:

  • Examining application logs
  • Collecting related data from external sources
  • Changing data format
  • Extracting data for external analysis
Android App Development

Android App Development Company

Google has introduced cloud dataflow which will give you actionable insights from your data. There are no problems regarding deploying, maintaining or scaling infrastructure. Google cloud monitoring system will assist you to discover and fix strange behaviour of your application stacks. Constant error showing in app engine module and sluggish query times from cassandra database with minimal configuration, will be solved by Cloud Monitoring. With cloud dataflow, any data processing task can be easily performed.

Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) was replaced by Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). With the help of GCM, app developers can develop mobile apps on devices and web browsers. They can even get easy communication at any location and network. With this android platform API, sending and receiving push notifications are possible. Thus GCM is a boon to every android app developer. Server application for Google cloud messaging can be written in both Java and PHP language. GCM is the only file application in PHP. You can put it in Apache.

The prerequisites for GCM android app is Google play services in SDK, Google APIs, Google Play Services_lib project as Android dependency, Google Project ID and Register/login with a Google account in the AVD.

Google cloud messaging is used by app developers as a notification engine. It is used to send data as well as receive messages from devices under one connection. Unlike a send-to-sync message, notification of up to 4 kb of payload can be sent to an android app. The app receives the messages from Google cloud messaging server. With the new feature, Return receipts, it is easy to track the message that it has been sent to a device. Android developers can even use the GCM feature, canonical registration IDs, to recover from bug-generated multiple registrations for the same device.  It also has the features like versatile messaging targets, downstream messaging, and upstream messaging.

What are the various kinds of mobile app development?

Every application has its own purpose. It can be different with various objectives. So it is hard to categorize apps within under a few headings. Some apps are halfway between two categories and here we have described how to categorize apps.

Promotional applications

The motivation behind why these portable applications exist needs to do with client dedication, i.e. motivating him to devour a greater amount of our products or services. These applications naturally give discount coupons to their clients, send solicitations to limited time occasions, run challenges and even elevate aggregating credits to recover blessings and prizes.

Business directory

The reason for these portable applications is to be a digital directory.

These applications contain a rundown of an organization’s stores with data on the most proficient method to discover them. They even consolidate geolocation with Google Maps or different maps to direct us towards their areas. Many additionally grab this as a chance to educate the client about selective offers relying upon where he is. Empowering association with informal communities is likewise extremely normal among these applications, which is a decent approach to advance the brand’s online nearness.

Android App Development

Mobile App Development Company

An online or m-commerce store

Many lines on our blog have been as of now gave to disclosing how to make an m-commerce store. In any case, for straightforwardness we’ll simply say that it’s empowering on the web and versatile access to your list to permit clients to make buys by the method for the installment door you have picked and afterward select among shipment alternatives (messenger, gathering focuses, store get, and so forth).

Quiz games

Amusements are the most downloaded and utilized sort of applications, so getting the wind and making an application for your organization can be an exceptionally sharp thought. Making a kind of trivia diversion to advance client faithfulness and entertainment is a decent alternative. For a silver screen, for instance, building up an application as a film buff trivia diversion may be a fabulous thought.

Branding games − games related to the brand or company

We’re alluding to Advergaming, a sort of amusement advancement that spotlights on including business-related components (partner them to characters, sets, plot, and so on.) like, for instance, the organization’s logo, some of its items or even an acclaimed worker or individual from the organization. The application’s motivation in these cases is not concentrating on the brand and deals − which are currently optional perspectives − but instead making a diversion that improves the organization’s picture and marking while expanding its nearness in cell phones.

Take advantage of what augmented reality has to offer

There are a few approaches. These range from actualizing it in an amusement to consolidating it into the shopping background.

Applications like Ikea’s index permit us to see through AR how one of its household items would look like in our own parlor. What’s more, even cosmetics brands have created apps such as L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius that show us our appearance after applying different cosmetics without having to carry out any real testing. This model can be extended to decoration, clothing, shoes, handbags and sunglasses among other products. Tourism applications can let us discover where to find a cafe, the purpose or history of a particular building, find out how much will the entrance of a museum cost, buy such entrance, etc.

For tourists

With or without Augmented Reality the truth is that creating a mobile tourist guide can be a good thing for your business. Usually, these apps are based on interactive maps that highlight landmarks, show their location and display the route to reach them. It can be very useful for hotels and hostels in a given area and also for restaurants.

Tourism departments can also make good use of these apps to offer new content through check-ins or QR codes. Good examples of this are the Repsol Guide and the Michelin Guide.


Applications for specific events with information on the activities that are going to take place, downloading documentation, etc.

In any case, this has been a classification of the kinds of standard apps, although there are actually many companies that decide to invest in developing hybrid mobile applications, blending together more than one of these categories.

What are the best ways to reduce the app development cost incurred by your business?

App development can help your business in improving the sales. It might be expensive to build an app for your business. This situation is happening due to improper management and lack of planning. Often many companies don’t follow step by step approach towards building a project. Always, it is wise to have a blueprint of the app development project with you to reduce the development cost.

For the most part, the normal cost of a portable application improvement fluctuates in a considerable measure, as indicated by the quantity of components incorporated, the sort of the application or the versatile stage it is expected for. Be that as it may, an imperative thing to recall is not to trade off on the nature of the venture. Eliminating the outline or the nature of the item does not mean decreasing expenses, but rather in fact obliterating the venture. However, we should see some helpful tips and traps on the most proficient method to eliminate the application improvement costs.


Hire Mobile App Developer

  1. Share the expenses

For the motivation behind eliminating the costs, it is imperative that both the business and the designers figure out how to share the costs. This implies the engineer can approach the financial specialist for a few assets where they can share the conceivable benefit, and this system works in a different way. Notwithstanding, an organization that keeps running on a confined spending plan can finance a designer and afterward increase full rights to the application, in this way ensuring the improvement venture is finished.

  1. Concentrate on the fundamental parts

Consider the way that the versatile application you are creating doesn’t have to give everything on Earth to your clients. The key here is to concentrate on the particular of the administration and what precisely you plan to give. Offering an excessive number of elements not exclusively will befuddle the clients and make a wreck of the application, yet it will likewise cost additional time and cash, which are critical, particularly on the off chance that you don’t know whether you’ll make benefit or not.

  1. Do some exploration

Despite the fact that it may appear that it’s significantly additional time lost, truth is that in the event that you do some legitimate research about comparative applications, about every one of the necessities etc., you may spare some time by maintaining a strategic distance from oversights. On the off chance that the designer has a well-made arrangement, point by point with all the representations, the objectives and the prerequisites, it will be less demanding to structure the work and to compete with it faster.

  1. Exploit the open source application improvement systems

With this keen tip, you can eliminate the improvement costs a great deal on the off chance that you check the allowed to utilize cross stage application advancement systems. Simply search online for a few such administrations and see which one would fit your venture more.

  1. Try not to use numerous custom procedures or representation

In spite of the fact that for the most part portable applications are distinctive, there are still regular components, for example, buttons, navigation type and different details. This happens in light of the fact that when all is said in done clients anticipate that portable applications will act positively, thus do the App Stores as well. For instance, the Apple has set some Human Interface Guidelines which must be agreed to by every one of the iOS application on the off chance that they get affirmed and highlighted on the iTunes. Thus, it may spare you valuable time and cash to utilize catches and comparative components that are as of now made. Obviously, customize your application, yet adhere to a meaningful boundary at whatever point this is a bit much any longer.

As should be obvious, reducing the portable application advancement expenses is not such a hard task. By doing some basic things, for example, giving criticism, intelligently partitioning the assignments, expelling the insignificant elements and outline components, you will see that there is a great deal of time and cash that can be spared with recently some preparation.

What are the benefits of hiring the best mobile app development company in India?

With an experience grabbed over a decade of dedicated service, we MobileAPPtelligence deliver customized Web Development solutions. We synergize our value-driven customized web development solutions with unique and next-gen innovative ideas. We create magic with a well-trained team of people. We love to keep things simple and hence our software solutions are never complex.

Mobile/Tablet Apps

Proud To Be The Best Mobile App Development Company

Mobile application development is the process by which application software is developed for small low-power handheld devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications are either pre-installed on phones during manufacture, or downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms.

We develop mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. Mobile apps are high on demand as it comprises of many benefits like building loyalty among the customers, brand reinforcement and increase in sales.


Hire Mobile App Developer

Our apps are capable to:

  • Build loyalty
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Increase your visibility
  • Increase your accessibility
  • Increase sell-through
  • Increase exposure across mobile devices

and scale they need to compete. We build superior solutions that take the complexity out of ‘the cloud’. Our cloud services are secure, easy-to use, fast, and designed to run complex, high-performance applications. Our Big Data Experts will help your organization to seamlessly transform from the legacy applications to Big Data Technologies.

Web Development

We Never Wish To Draw But To Design Your Business Through Websites

More than building a good looking website, we always look to give birth to a web application which works with no interruption. Our expertise in interpreting the business processes enables it to be fast and easy. Web development involves an understanding of the needs of the business and the customer. The quality of a website can now make the difference between the success and failure of any business.

An important aspect of website design is deciding what you want your website to do for you? This is something that needs to be considered not just for the short term, meeting the immediate requirement, but also for the longer term, anticipating the likely evolution of your business. Our designs are done in a way that we think with the perspective of your customers. That itself make us different and unique in our web development strategies.

What Must A Website Do? – 6 mantras of MobileAPPtelligence

-A website must help buyers learn about what they are buying

– A website must rank in search engines to get traffic.

– A website must build trust

– A website must develop ‘connections’ with potential buyers

– A website must invite visitors into a sequential sales process

– A website must invite customers to take action

These 6 mantras are helping us throughout in making outstanding web designs for you.

Software Development

Power-packed Software Solutions Helping In Continued Optimization

Value addition to the software development by giving away the best solutions for your requirements. The demand for software development has increased due to the enormous growth in the IT sector and its capability in covering up all the necessities of your life. Fundamentally, software development should cater to the user requirements and needs of fulfilling marketing needs and develop a good software application to accomplish this requirement.

What are the reasons that prevent your customers from purchasing products from your ecommerce app?

The ecommerce market is growing like never before. In recent years, the online shopping habit has gained popularity due to its easy and convenient shopping nature. Unlike earlier, we have online shopping options for anything and everything, be it medicines, grocery, jewelleries or cloths. The interference of mobile apps has further pushed the ecommerce market in the form of mcommerce (mobile commerce).

E-Marketer predicts that by 2016, mobile commerce will do a business of $87 billion, which is almost a quarter of all E-commerce. Mobile app development and responsive ecommerce website have become tools for e-retailers to do good business using the internet world. Despite the online shopping blazing in fast pace, cart abandonment is also extremely high. Many customers abruptly leave the mobile shopping cart during the checkout process


Ecommerce Mobile App Development

Therefore, it is essential for the retailers to take steps to improve user’s online shopping experience in order to turn the viewers into regular customers. Sometimes customers land into mobile shopping cart and leave it without making any purchase. Retailers should take necessary steps to turn these ‘window shoppers’ into real, potential and regular customers. Strong research has been done to counter the situation and following are the steps:

Difficult navigation – Shoppers may quickly abandon your mobile shopping cart if they find the navigation difficult. The mobile cart should be clean and clutter-free to glue a client into the shopping cart.

High shipping costs or additional fees – According to a study, a large number of customers abandon the shopping carts due to its high shipping costs. Sometime the shipping cost or other additional costs are not mentioned up front and comes into picture while checking out. This may irritate buyers as they might have limited budget for shopping. And in the age of online shopping when there is a tough competition among the retailers, customers usually expect free shipping. Once they discover that the shopping cart involves hidden charges they abandon it and move to another option (which is easily available in the internet world).

Insecure checkout – Today the clients are aware about the web security and want to buy from the e-commerce websites, which are SSL secured. If users do see a seal of trust, they can abandon their decision of making a purchase from the given shopping cart.

Too many steps – Users appreciate the mobile shopping cart software, which have minimum steps to make the purchase. Three steps are considered ideal. Buyers lose interest when too many steps are involved in the check out process. Sometimes the check out process involves forms and question which may piss off the users.

Multiple Payment Options – Sometimes customers could not make a buying decision as they are unable to find a compatible payment option. Many times the credit card type they are holding are not available in the payment option as most of the shopping cart do not offer payment option beyond visa and mastercard. Retailers should incorporate more payment options including third party online payment option like PayPal and cash on delivery option.