What are the factors to be considered while you design an app?

What are the factors to be considered while you design an app?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

Great mobile apps invariably have three core ingredients – design, function, and experience of the end user. Therefore, mobile app design is one of the key factors that drive the app in the market. Following are some of the important points that should be taken care while designing a mobile app.

Study the Target Audience: It is important to study the users for whom the app is targeted. Suppose, if the users are college students then the app would be build keeping in mind of latest trend otherwise the users may lose interest. Similarly, if it is a business app then it needs to be as simple as possible because the users (professionals) would have little time to study complex functionalities.

Finger-Friendly Design: Apps are used by tapping with fingers which are thicker than the pixel-precise mouse cursors. Therefore, care should be taken while designing a mobile app that it provides enough space for users to tap with fingers. If space is little and buttons are very small then users would not be able to use the app properly resulting in frustration and ultimately abandonment.

Fonts and Sizes: Regarding fonts, perfect separations between titles, subtitles, and content with bold, italic, colors, and sizes should be given utmost attention. Tiny adjustments in the mini-space of apps can make a huge difference. Ultimately, it’s the fonts which determine the actual look and feel of your mobile app.

UI/UX Design: UI/UX should follow the right approach. Android, iOS, and Windows have design guidelines that comprise different design styles. When creating app’s UI/UX, develop it efficient enough for your expert users, and informative and simple enough for novice users.

Navigation: Easy and simple navigation make an app successful. Don’t focus on aesthetics at the cost of functionality and intuitiveness. Navigation is not the place to experiment your new ideas.

Colour & Contrast: Ensure that the contrast and color schemes are impressive, beautiful, and contribute to the overall ease of using the app. But don’t use too many colors, particularly when designing an icon and theme.

Overall, mobile app design is of paramount importance, while planning an app. Imagine yourself in place of an end user for designing an attractive and user-friendly app.

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What are the factors to be considered while you design an app?

What are the steps you need to follow while developing an iOS app?

What are the steps you need to follow while developing an iOS app?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

The recent launch of newest iPhone 7 has created quite a buzz in the market. And the latest iOS upgrade has reduced the gap between the iOS and android from the developers' perspective. iOS is the mobile operating system that powers the devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

iPhone applications are developed using Objective-C, X-code in Cocoa Touch framework. Being one of the best iPhone application development companies, we deliver high-performance iPhone & iPad apps to meet the business objectives while leveraging the best of iOS capabilities.

We deal in iPhone Apps development in various categories including location based application, enterprise application, instant messaging application, audio and video streaming apps, event management apps, news based application, mobile commerce application, photo sharing application, digital publishing service, and social networking application. We use the tools like JSON, XCODE. iOS VIRTUAL MACHINE and iOS SIMULATORS to develop iPhone application development.

Our app development process follows the given steps:

App plan & proposal: We study the quote request, collect ideas and translate it into the comprehensive proposal.

Prototype/Wireframe Layout: In this step, designs and prototype layout are tested for feasibility.

Designing & Approval: Once our design team gets the approval for the design, they start the process of mobile app design instantly.

Development: During this phase, developers carry out coding for the development process.

Quality Assurance: Quality analysts and software testers work together to ensure the usability of the app and make it bug-free.

App Launch & Support: After the app passes the quality assurance step, the app is launched in the digital environment.

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What are the steps you need to follow while developing an iOS app?

Hire Top Iphone App Developers in India on Hourly and Monthly Basis

Search the google and you will find out number of android developers and iphone developers, developing native and cross platform mobile apps for different business verticals. You have to ensure that mobile developer or the mobile apps development company, which you shortlist, will be able to deliver the app to your expectations. You need a professional partner, which delivers you a great product to keep you ahead of competition.

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Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

Selecting a right partner from all, you see on google may be difficult, but there are a few steps, which can certainly let you select a right partner. You should start going through their websites and assess their previous projects. Check if the mobile app development company has really worked on the type of mobile app, which you are looking.

A professional mobile apps development company, will certainly have their apps listed on the website. You can go ahead and discuss your project with them. If they have a clear approach, the you might be talking to a right app developer.

Check their apps portfolio and go through the projects in detail. Check the links for native and cross platform apps and download on your phone. Check their workability and UIs. If you are satisfied, you can proceed with discussion.

Select a mobile apps developer only if company can provide you ongoing support for various releases. They must be able to handle bugs quickly.

Before giving the mobile app development contract, get code samples and review it at your end. If the code has clear indentation, you are at the right place.

Pricing can be a criteria but cant be a final decisive parameter. You may not get a perfect thing, dirt cheap. Choose a mobile app development company, which is delivering the successful project, even at little high price.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.





Hire Top Mobile App Developers in India for ecommerce, music, utility and chatting mobile app development

If you are hiring mobile app development team at offshore – outreach, measuring success and rewards are the three key points for you. Teamwork is considered to be a vital element for the success of a team. One of the best examples that one can think of about a successful Teamwork is the co-ordination which is showcased by the Ants. We include ants in the category of insects, but the command that they showcase on teamwork is beyond imagination. Productivity, co-ordination and collaboration are the words that I can associate with the teamwork showcased by the ants. They have the capability to accomplish big task too, which is showcased by the way they carry a giant worm. Ants work together for the good of the group, which is lacking in the humans. Structuring and leveraging mobile development team for maximum productivity could be achieved through three components names outreach, measurement and reward.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Outreach – The importance of outreach lies in the fact that the teams that are ready to gain knowledge are more productive. Mobile app development companies should consistently learn the changing technology and thus success could be estimated from the external activities rather than their internal activities. Clear goal, camaraderie and strong relationship are not enough to ensure success. As per one of experts in the industry the team which gives maximum productivity are focused towards learning from the customers, researching and marketing and exploring the best practices. Co-ordination and ambassadorship are the two vital elements for team building. Teams should involve in a process of reaching out to others and also get the opportunity of presenting their project to different level in the leadership. Direct interaction with the leadership and getting feedback from them has an effect on productivity. Metrics are a mean to keep the management and the employees on the same page.

Measuring Stick – There is a need for a measuring stick to improve the performance, which is related to measuring the team’s performance. Providing the team with a straightforward means for measuring the performance would be rather effective means. The indicators for knowing the team health are communication and conflict resolution. One team metrics should not clash with another. Growth of asian mobile development companies and mobility solutions companies over last five years is due to this disciplined approach.

Rewards – It is important to recognize and appreciate the team members to let them know their values. Financial rewards are always appreciated, but it is not the only means for appreciation. Reward that celebrates collaboration is more important and is a sign of collaboration. The other ways of rewarding the team members includes providing training and getting them access to the tools that they always required. Managing an external team has always been a challenge. In order to prepare your team to manage higher challenges, focusing on external outreach, performance metrics and relevant rewards are equally important.

Above three are the key points, if you are hiring iOS or android development company at offshore. Connect with them at all levels and you will see a better performance.  

Businesses from Spain, Nigeria and South Africa are Hiring Mobile Development Companies in India for Apps Development 

Enterprise Android app development and deployment has now become a necessity and it cannot be treated as an optional element. With Android occupying a share of >60% of the smartphone market in the world, it has become a necessary element to integrate Android into the enterprise mobile strategy, whether its android game development, business android development or other apps.

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Android App Development Company

Android App Development Company

With the constant rise and modification in the trend of enterprise mobility, the present trends like BYOD (bring your own device) has added to the concept. These uprising concepts have compelled the organizations to become mobile savvy. Android doesn’t give the options to large organization for the way they want to engage the concept of mobile.

When we are speaking so much about mobility, it is necessary to clear the concept that lies behind the word mobility. Mobility is the process through which the organization gives the access of the data a computing to its employees, and its remains on the employees’ discretion on the technologies that they want to use to put in a better performance. Android provides an excellent mobile strategy and it’s beneficial for the companies to implement Android to get maximum advantage out of it.

As any other operating system, Android also contains its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. This report is written with the main intention of making the process of Android deployment easier. Take into consideration the below mention steps while planning an enterprise Android development & deployment.

Finalizing on the GOALS

For a successful deployment, well-planned and well-managed execution is very necessary. The first step should involve on deciding the goals associated with deployment and the associated actions that would help in making the deployment process successful and accomplishment of the goals. Planning is very essential when the deployment process is associated with a large organization.

You will have to be double sure that your organization is capable of handling and supporting the Android app and devices. Many organizations hesitate from bringing in Android as it has security risk associated with it. Hence security concern should be a priority. It would be very essential for the IT department to understand the Android data and connectivity architecture in order to form the data security guideline for the deployment process. A better understand would be a great help as the security model varies across the operating systems.

You can even think of using the third-party security devices like Samsung Knox or Bluebox. These would be the option when you want more security for the Android device in your network. One big help here would be knowledge about the security features of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android for work initiative is a must read in this case.

Once decided on the approach to be adopted for Android deployment, the next step would be formation of the support team. The support team should be strong enough to tackle the problems that would arise during and after the deployment process.

One of the most eminent parts of the support system is the type of device that the organization would support. In case of Android, it has the ability of providing you with more choices, but at the cost of fragmentation. The fragmentation is for the device, model and the version of the operating system.

One more issue with Android is coping up with the constant change in the mobile environment and the complexity associated with it. It would be recommendable to have one resource who is an expert in Android, as a part of the support team. This resource would be allocated for looking out and testing of the features of the new products, and impart the knowledge to the rest of the team members. One more important point to mention over here is the associated of an analytical team along with the deployment team. The analytical team would be able to analyze the deployment process.

Shipping of the APP

An enterprise supporting the Android device also means making the proprietary enterprise apps available for the users of the Android OS. The most important part of mobile adoption is the user experience, the enterprise Android adoption would turn out to be negative if the user experience offered by the organization is not easy, not intuitive and lacks the components of consumer grade user experience.  Along with user-experience, data security has to be taken care of while building the app.

One point that could help in taking care of the important elements is conducting a research about the various components that helps in differentiating an Android app from another. Writing of the code is one more important step and the most important factor to be taken care of is the compatibility of the code across different platform and different devices. Another eminent factor would involve taking care of the quality before the app is launched in the market. Android app testing is considered to be a complicated process, owing to the presence of fragmentation.

Enterprise should consider the area where the app would be distributed. There are apps store where the enterprise app could be distributed. When you get connected to an enterprise app store, it facilitates the organizational device to download apps from the enterprise apps stores.

Getting into the analytical side of the kinds of apps used, it would be interesting to know the apps that the top performers in the organization use.


Indian IOS, Android Development Companies are beneficiary of surge in demand of Mobility Solutions in Mexico,Canada and United States

Android and Apple operating systems have been the two major players in the field of mobile app development. It has been years that they have been competing with each other to hold the top spot and in this race for the top position, App store and Google play has been on the highlight. As per the analytical report published last quarter, highlighting the performance of 3 million apps belonging to big players like iOS, Android and Window phone platform, has some major revelations to make.

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Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

One of the most prominent finding reveals that Google’s Play store has excelled Apple’s App store in terms of downloads. The increment has been achieved by a massive figure of 60% more downloads in comparison to Apple’s App store. One fact that is very important to be considered is larger market share that Android operating system have around the globe. This is mainly because of the wide variety of devices that Android operating system supports and a large part of the growth that Google Play is experiencing is due to the position that it holds in the emerging markets. The first name that comes to my mind referring to emerging market is India. Google Play holds the third position in term of App download.

The next factor that has added to the success of Google Play is the low-cost devices associated with Android. In contrast Apple supports the iOS devices at premium cost. In-spite of the lead that Google Play holds over App Store in terms of downloads, it is Apple’s App store which leads in the amount of revenue generation. As per the report generated for the second quarter of 2014, App Store had generated 80% more revenue in comparison to Google Play. Half of the revenue generated by apple’s App store comes from USA, Japan and China. Mobile app developers who choose a single platform for release of their mobile apps has to choose between number of downloads and revenue generation.

When we speak about the iOS growth in terms of revenue, China is the best example. Apple has experienced a huge growth in china, since the time they started dealing with China Mobile. China has got huge opportunity for the growth of mobile apps, but you will have to successfully deal with the issues related to localization. Apple has seen a 20% growth compared to the first quarter of 2014.

As per the industry experts in mobile app development, the phrase that “west is best” for conducting business has been proved totally wrong in case of Google and Apple. This is supported by the fact that Google and Apple have grown due to their hold in emerging Smartphone markets like India and China. India can serve as the most exiting market for these biggies, as only 10% of the population in India is Smartphone enabled. This gives a huge opportunity for companies like Apple and Google to extend their mobile app development base in India and grow both in terms of downloads and revenue. India could be the best market for the Google Play download, Smartphone adoption and rapid generation of revenue for mobile apps by the end of year 2017.

The most recent example is the increase in the market share of sports category with the ongoing ICC world cup 2015. Countries like India, England, Australia, South Africa, etc have witnessed a steep growth in the number of sports apps being downloaded, just by the beginning of the cricket world cup. 2015 is bringing exciting time for mobile application development companies worldwide.

online food, grocery delivery stores and eCommerce are going for native mobile app development in Android and iOS platforms

Retail apps are for customer retention and to be used by regular customers. Even beyond the experience, mobile apps are great for keeping brand recognition high. Recent surveys shows that retainers using the mobiles apps are actually selling better than the other stores, which did not use apps. In the modern business scenario, retailers must enter in a long-term partnership with mobile apps development companies, to stay ahead of the competition. There are a few clear and sustainable advantages –

To create customer loyalty by getting smart, innovated apps that bring forth value for the customer.

To facilitate research and purchase of your retail items in-store and out.

Hire Android App Developers

Hire Android App Developers

Some reasons for developing a mobile app, are the following

Shoppers get high on useful mobile retail apps

Creating a mobile shopping app is relatively easy with a good mobile applications development company

Many of the retailers already have a mobile app, which are creating a better brand recall

Along with developing mobile app, you should also get a professional HTML5 development company to optimize your website for mobile.

While the penetration of mobile devices, is rising in an incredible manner, a mobile retail application is literally indispensable to your retail company. Mobile commerce has come to stay and will grow to gigantic proportions in the coming years. Retailers cannot afford not having a mobile-optimized website and a mobile app of their own.

A professional mobile app development company can help the retailer to gain today’s mobile buyer interest, loyalty and shopping power. Today’s consumers who are infused with the mobile mindset want to access on their mobile devices the shopping list they created online, order products, or see peer reviews. In short, the consumer behavior is fast changing and the retailer has to keep pace with them. With the assistance an expert mobile app developer, you can provide your customer a more personal and fun shopping experience right in his/her phone. More over the company can provide your app many value added features.  Rush to build mobile app, before your competition does.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.



What is the significance of Android app development in the present market scenario?

My answer to What is the significance of Android app development in the present market scenario?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

With most of the smartphones using android operating system (OS), demand for android application is rising like never before. Android OS powers millions of smartphones around the globe, approximately 190 countries worldwide. Being an award winning Android application development company, we are specialized in developing business and idea-centric android apps to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

MobileAPPtelligence is an Indian based Android application development company having a corporate office in Bangalore. It offers android application development services to global clients in travel, real estate, social, corporate, entertainment, healthcare, education and e-commerce vertical. Our passion for delivering the best is the strength of the company. Driven by innovation and creativity, we ensure our customers get the desired business opportunity utilizing our product. Our products are unique and outstanding in terms of design, quality, innovation, after sale service, aesthetic, and usability.

There are several categories of android application available in the market. Most popular of them are music, sports, travel, business, social media, news, lifestyle, weather, reference, food & drink, books, navigation, and finance.

Android application is coded using Java programming language. It can be developed on the operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OSX10.5.8, and Linux. Android architecture comprises a set of software components which is divided into five sections namely: Linux kernel, libraries, android libraries, android runtime, application framework, and applications.

Once Android application is developed, it can be easily packaged or sold via stores like Google Play, SlideME, Opera Mobile Store, Mobango, F-droid and the Amazon Appstore. Android framework comprises the key services like activity manager, content provider, resource manager, notification manager, and view system.

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What is the significance of Android app development in the present market scenario?

What are the recent app development changes that happened in the year 2016?

My answer to What are the recent app development changes that happened in the year 2016?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

With billions of smartphones available in the market, still, users look forward to using new applications to meet their requirements. So the app development companies have to use advanced development opportunities to build successful apps in the fastest way. Multiple platforms for development and non-coding applications development tools are available in the market, which reduces the time and effort taken for the initial release of the application.

In 2016, it is expected that leading marketers would fully integrate mobile marketing into their business strategies. These marketers will be able to measure the use of mobile across various channels. It will provide an opportunity for the marketers to differentiate their brand from the competitors. This, in fact, is helping mobile marketers to increase their investments in mobile initiatives. App development companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and whole Middle East region are witnessing this transition.

The enterprise mobility is complex, covering everything from the integration and deployment of security management of the application. To cope with the demand for more mobile application the market of mobile businesses will rapidly mature by giving a portfolio of services with enterprise-class features. Mobile platforms that support application development lifecycle and provide a common set of services via mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) will be well placed to earn mindshare in the market.

Most of the business owners have developed mobile apps to engage more customers and improve the organic rankings in search engines. Though responsive website exists, most of the companies will adopt app development technology in 2016. It can improve individual customer response and understand their buying behavior too.

Cross Platform App Development

What are the recent app development changes that happened in the year 2016?

What are the best and the worst travel apps of 2016?

What are the best and the worst travel apps of 2016?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

The Application Resource Center (ARC) has found distinction between both best and worst travel apps. It released third annual report by focusing specifically on applications rating.

Best travel apps of 2016

After analyzing more than 50,000 reviews, the apps which were identified as the highly quality tested and used were given scores; GasBuddy (85.0), Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals (84.0), Groupon (82.5), Waze by Google, TripAdvisor (74.0), Yelp (67.5).

Gasbuddy’s outstanding score is meaningful. This app is really useful for the travelers because there would be no one who doesn’t want to miss the chance of buying cheap priced gas. Its attributes are a wide array of qualities like easy, useful, fun, simple and highly recommendable.

Among all the travel apps Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals is frequently being used by travelers. It is because of the stability exhibited in performance. Groupon was recognized for its high usability rate, pricing, satisfaction and performance. The major facts that make Waze stand out in the competition is the content and interoperability of this application. Content and the elegance exhibited by TripAdvisor makes it favorite too. Customer delight and usability with simple features make Yelp one of the best travel apps in the app market.

Worst Travel Apps of 2016

It was surprising to find that certain travel apps were not serving their users. When the travel market is facing stiff competition, it is important for the companies to generate highly interesting apps to support their business enrichment. Among the 10,000 reviews analyzed 8 apps scored less than 50 scores. They are as follows:

Foursquare (48.5) [Android | iOS], Expedia (47.0) [Android | iOS], GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic (46.5) [Android | iOS], Zomato (fmr. Urbanspoon) (42.5) [Android | iOS], Ola (40.5) [Android | iOS], Delta Air Lines (35.5) [Android | iOS], Southwest Airlines (25.5) [Android | iOS].

These applications need to undergo optimizations which favor best mobile moments. Functional testing and security audits can help these apps to identify the issues and improve the user rating.

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What are the best and the worst travel apps of 2016?