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You want to get your mobile app developed by the best mobile app developer, but you are not sure about choosing one among the many available in the mobile app development world. When you conduct a search for mobile app developer through Google or LinkedIn, you would come across million of profiles who are a part of the mobile app development industry and call themselves app developers who can offer you the best service. With such a wide scope of resource availability, it is very difficult to choose the appropriate one for your business. You have to make sure that you partner with a mobile app development company / professional mobile app developer that would be able to develop your mobile app effectively and give you good return for your investment. Choosing a top mobile app developer among many is indeed a challenging job, but you can make the process smooth by following the tips mentioned below.

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Best App Development Company - MobileAPPtelligence

Mobile  APP Developers 

The first step would involve choosing some of the mobile app development companies from the unending list of companies that has been generated through the search you conducted. Conduct an in-depth research of their website and critically evaluate the designs and the portfolios. Go with a company which has an impressive website. If a company cannot design their website appropriately, they will not be capable designing your Mobile App.

While choosing a Mobile App Developer, go with the one who is experienced. Conduct a discussion with the Mobile App Developer regarding your project. Make sure that he is capable in clearing your queries and doubts on the basic issues, and you are satisfied with his answer. For example, the mobile app developer should be able to clear your doubts on GPRS, social media integration, etc.

Check the apps they have created and the ones in the App store. Do the appearance and the feel of the apps impress you? The next thing that you have to find out is the compatibility level of the Mobile App Developer in working on different platforms like android, iOS, Blackberry and Window. You will have to make sure that the Mobile App Developer is efficient in developing a mobile app that is compatible with various devices like Smartphone, Tablet, readers and Smartphone into Various viewing screens.

Finalize on a Mobile App Developer only when they are capable of providing an ongoing technical support after the launch of the Mobile App. They should also be capable in eliminating and handling the bugs that the users would find after the launch of the Mobile App.

Before signing the contract, get the code samples for the Mobile App Development Company and get them verified form the experts. You will have to make sure that the codes are not more than necessary and are effective and logical. You will also have to verify if the Mobile App Developer is an expert in the language that would be implemented for the programming of the Mobile App. These languages could be like Objective C, Java, etc.

It is always recommended to hire a quality Mobile App Developer. This is in context of the fact that quality service comes with a price. It is always better to getting your Mobile App developed by a good and recognized Mobile App Development company, even if the price is little more.

Android Application Development Company

Mobile APP Developers 

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How to Hire Android Developer for Custom App Development Project

How to Hire Android Developer? You will definitely have this question on your mind, if you are looking to get a custom app development project done. With Google continuing to provide open source software to all the users, it has retained its position as the leader, when it comes to mobile apps development top OS provider. This strategy has acted in favor of Google in comparison to its competitors, who have tried confining its clients through policies like locked sims and contracts.

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android apps

Android Developer

As predicted by the trade analyst, the android enabled hand-sets are here to stay for a long time, thus bright future for Android app development companies and Android app developera. Being an open source, customization becomes easy as Android developers can develop new software capable of addressing the specific needs.

The features associated with Android operating system have made many users to shift from competitive operating systems. With the implementation of customization, Android app development has the capability of venturing into specialized market for business development. The success of Android application development could be compared to the success which Google as a search engine had achieved, when it first introduced itself in the market.

When you want to convert your creative idea into an Android mobile app, it is advisable to get connected to a mobile app development company. A renowned mobile app development company would have the expertise of providing you with the best resource, when it comes to designing and development of a customized android app. Following are the fields, where in 2014 had seen growing demand.

  • Music applications

  • Finance applications

  • News applications

  • Lifestyle applications

  • Sports applications

  • Multimedia applications

  • Books applications

  • Navigation applications

  • Weather applications

  • Food and Drinks applications

  • Travel application

  • Business applications

  • Sports applications

  • Reference applications

  • Social media applications

  • Utility applications

Choosing an Android app development company would play a vital role when it comes to hiring an Android app developer for the development of your customized Android application. Technical knowledge is the main element that helps an Android app developer to create an excellent Android app. When you hire an Android app developer for the development of your customized Android application, you should check the technical expertise of the resource. The Android app developer should possess expert knowledge in Android SDK, XDA, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, XML, HTML and XHTML.

MobileAPPtelligence App Development Company

You should also check the previous Android app development projects that the Android app development company has completed. Going through the previous development projects would help you in knowing the level of expertise the Android app developer posses, helping you to conclude on your decision to hire Android developer for your custom app.

Nigeria, Turkey, South Africa are in top priority for Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development Companies

Are you looking for mobile apps for your business and inclined towards cross-platform mobile development? You must be wondering if it is the right choice or native mobile app development could be a better way. To clear everything about cross-platform mobile app development, it is very essential to know the current market position that cross-platform mobile development holds in the present mobile development industry.

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Cross Platform Mobile Apps Development

There are numerous blogs written by different technical writers and business analyst on topics like PhoneGap, Xamarian, RAD Studio, RhoMobile, icenuim, Appmethos, Appcelerators and many more topics. Top companies like facebook and linkedin have used cross platform app development for mobility. This definitely makes us believe that cross-platform mobile development is the demand for the present generation of mobile development.

Cross-platform has gained this position based on the benefits that it possesses in comparison to its competitors. The foremost benefit is saving time which is achieved through the implementation of one code base for different operating system like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and many more. The technologically advanced tools for developing hybrid apps have addressed the issues like low performance and less usage of native functionality of the mobile devices.

The tools for hybrid mobile development implements various wrappers or containers, to get access to the native features like camera and accelerometer which is done through JavaScript API call. This differentiated the hybrid apps from the web-based apps which use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The native app has got the capability of getting into the app store which is not the case with web based apps. This comparison can only lead to one meaning, native development is possible based on the circumstance where you want to spend your time and effort on different projects.

What are the limits of cross-platform mobile app development?

The limitation of cross-platform is still not known by the developers. As per the report published by Research and Market, a market research store the market of cross-platform mobile app development has been diminishing owing to a number of factors. One of the foremost reasons had been the growing demand of the native app among the developers. The inclination of the developers towards the native app is mainly challenges in regards to the web technologies and access to the device level functionalities.

The next reason for the diminishing value of cross-platform development platform is the reducing level of productivity return. This factor has been cited in regards to the feedback received from the developers about gaining less efficiency with the implementation of cross-platform. The drop in the productive level has observed in comparison to the previous year.

Some of reports have even stated that lack of native app development resources within in an enterprise is the reason for the growth of cross-platform app development. Some of these reports could be cited as coverage to gain more attention and views for the publishing company.

There have been many reports published in regards to cross-platform app development. As per the report generated by VisionMobile Ltd, the non game developers prefer the 1.75 platform. But if we consider cross-platform development to be the most preferred platform for app development, the number would have been much higher. Going by the list of most popular category of third party tool, cross-platform hold the third position after ad networks, cloud computing and push notification. In another statement issued by VisionMobile, it has said that 26% of the cross-platform tool (CPT) user targets a single platform. The most probable reason behind this is using CPT for in order to avoid learning about the native platform. This helps the developers rather than focusing on the benefits for customers.

There gap between native platform and HTML5 has been widening. One common reason is the introduction of APIs by the native platform at a much faster rate and HTML5 is unable to pace up with this. When a developer wants to take the benefits of the newly introduced APIs, the only option is the implementation of the native platform.

In one of the article titled “to go native or not to go native”, it has been stated that when it comes to the case of primary platform, Android is gaining more space over iOS. This data was supported by 42% voting in favor of Android and 32% in favor of iOS. The introduction of the swift programming language by Apple Inc has made native app development more accessible for the mobile app developers. In an attempt to make the native app more demanding, it signed up with IBM. On the other hand Google’s strategy is to make the usage of web technology accessible for everyone, this helps in tracking the users for the purpose of ad targeting. The current technological development by Google creates a more blur line between the native apps and web.

Some more facts about cross-platform mobile development

To add to this I have some more facts about cross-platform mobile development for you. As per the report, most of the developers remain faithful to one app store. The report by the appFigure blog spot further states that 272,000 developers targets the iOS app store and 293, 000 developers works in the Google play store that is Android centric. The percentages of developers who target both the app store were around 11%, amounting to around 58,000 developers. What we can conclude from this report is the fact that developers prefer to stick to a single platform.

The question about the significance of cross-platform app and its impact on the developers across the world has been asked again and gain. The about information was more focused on native apps taking over the web technologies what the question regarding cross-platform mobile development still remains.

There has been report penned with the title “How to build a hybrid app that performs like a native”. What I could gather from such attractive title is that making a hybrid app to perform like a native app is possible. Vendors have made numerous numbers of performance claims made for hybrid app performs like a native app, but the supporting documentations are very less.

As per the majority numbers of developers the implementation of cross-platform tools doesn’t compromise with the quality of the app. As per the report generated regarding the quality of the apps developed through cross-platform tools, 81% of the claim made supported the statement that cp tool generate high quality apps and in certain cases better than the native apps.

Mobility Solutions, Enterprise Android App Development helping companies grow

With the growing demand for Android operating system, it has made an exclusive place for itself in the world of Operating systems. Enterprise Android app development and deployment has now become a necessity and it cannot be treated as an optional element. With Android occupying a share of >60% of the smartphone market in the world, it has become a necessary element to integrate Android into the enterprise mobile strategy, whether its android game development, business android development or other apps.

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About MobileAPPtelligence

With the constant rise and modification in the trend of enterprise mobility, the present trends like BYOD (bring your own device) has added to the concept. These uprising concepts have compelled the organizations to become mobile savvy. Android doesn’t give the options to large organization for the way they want to engage the concept of mobile.

When we are speaking so much about mobility, it is necessary to clear the concept that lies behind the word mobility. Mobility is the process through which the organization gives the access of the data a computing to its employees, and its remains on the employees’ discretion on the technologies that they want to use to put in a better performance. Android provides an excellent mobile strategy and it’s beneficial for the companies to implement Android to get maximum advantage out of it.

As any other operating system, Android also contains its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. This report is written with the main intention of making the process of Android deployment easier. Take into consideration the below mention steps while planning an enterprise Android development & deployment.

Finalizing on the GOALS

For a successful deployment, well-planned and well-managed execution is very necessary. The first step should involve on deciding the goals associated with deployment and the associated actions that would help in making the deployment process successful and accomplishment of the goals. Planning is very essential when the deployment process is associated with a large organization.

You will have to be double sure that your organization is capable of handling and supporting the Android app and devices. Many organizations hesitate from bringing in Android as it has security risk associated with it. Hence security concern should be a priority. It would be very essential for the IT department to understand the Android data and connectivity architecture in order to form the data security guideline for the deployment process. A better understand would be a great help as the security model varies across the operating systems.

You can even think of using the third-party security devices like Samsung Knox or Bluebox. These would be the option when you want more security for the Android device in your network. One big help here would be knowledge about the security features of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android for work initiative is a must read in this case.

Once decided on the approach to be adopted for Android deployment, the next step would be formation of the support team. The support team should be strong enough to tackle the problems that would arise during and after the deployment process.

One of the most eminent parts of the support system is the type of device that the organization would support. In case of Android, it has the ability of providing you with more choices, but at the cost of fragmentation. The fragmentation is for the device, model and the version of the operating system.

One more issue with Android is coping up with the constant change in the mobile environment and the complexity associated with it. It would be recommendable to have one resource who is an expert in Android, as a part of the support team. This resource would be allocated for looking out and testing of the features of the new products, and impart the knowledge to the rest of the team members. One more important point to mention over here is the associated of an analytical team along with the deployment team. The analytical team would be able to analyze the deployment process.

Shipping of the APP

An enterprise supporting the Android device also means making the proprietary enterprise apps available for the users of the Android OS. The most important part of mobile adoption is the user experience, the enterprise Android adoption would turn out to be negative if the user experience offered by the organization is not easy, not intuitive and lacks the components of consumer grade user experience. Along with user-experience, data security has to be taken care of while building the app.

One point that could help in taking care of the important elements is conducting a research about the various components that helps in differentiating an Android app from another. Writing of the code is one more important step and the most important factor to be taken care of is the compatibility of the code across different platform and different devices. Another eminent factor would involve taking care of the quality before the app is launched in the market. Android app testing is considered to be a complicated process, owing to the presence of fragmentation.

Enterprise should consider the area where the app would be distributed. There are apps store where the enterprise app could be distributed. When you get connected to an enterprise app store, it facilitates the organizational device to download apps from the enterprise apps stores.

Getting into the analytical side of the kinds of apps used, it would be interesting to know the apps that the top performers in the organization use.

Indian App Development Companies scale up Android & iOS services in 2015

In the sector of Information Technology, India is at the pinnacle and Indian IT resources are considered to be the best in the world. There are many sectors in the IT industry that are to be utilized to its full strength. As per the data released by the Internet and the Mobile Association of India, the total number of Mobile Internet user has reached 187 million. Digital industries, like ecommerce and digital advertising is showing a trend to rise. With the decrease in the data charges and Smartphone price, there is up rise in the mobile internet market and Smartphone penetration. This has subsequently led to the rise of the Mobile Apps Development industry, which is projected to reach a value of 2,700 cores by 2016. Mobile apps development India has grown significantly over last few years.

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App Development Companies

When we look through the record of the daily download by the Indians, it is estimated number is around 100 million. The downloaded apps range from musical apps to spirituality apps. In a country where every other person is an internet addict, mobile app has become a part and parcel of their life. The need for the mobile app developers has been on the rise. It is predicted that India would require another 300, 000 mobile apps developers in the next five year. Many multi national companies have started to enter the mobile app development market of India, through large IT portfolio.

As per the survey conducted on the use of internet by the Indians, it was found that they prefer using mobile friendly websites. This has led to the Mobile App Development Industry to grow at a fast rate and meet the demand for the mobile apps. This was all about the positive side and the future growth that the Indian mobile app developers has in store for them.

There are certain disadvantages that the mobile app development companies and the Mobile App Developers. The Mobile App Developers has to make huge investment on testing of the applications on the handset imported from other countries, including the one from China. The Mobile App Developers of India have to develop mobile apps for the entire major mobile app development platform. This includes android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. But the immensely talented Mobile App Developers from India have taken this as a challenge and have excelled the art of developing mobile apps for all the platforms. Indian Mobile App Developers are considered as experts in cross-platform mobile app development and native app development.

A major part of the revenue generated by the Mobile App Development Companies in India comes from the work that is being outsourced from other countries in relation to mobile app development.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.





What strategy you should adopt to develop mobile apps (freemium & paid)?

What strategy you should adopt to develop mobile apps (freemium & paid)?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

Having a clear picture of the monetization model for your app from the beginning is crucial for validating the idea of app development. Mainly there are three pricing models that your company needs to follow. According to the report by Distimo, 71 percent of revenue was brought in by free apps with paid revenues of 24 percent and 5% revenue from paid apps.

Here are some app monetization models, to improve the revenue generation of your company:

1. Freemium Apps and Games

2. One-time Paid Apps

3. Free Apps with Paid Advertisements

4. Paid Apps with Paid Features

Freemium App and Games

Freemium for apps and games is the popular monetization option for games and apps. It is considered to be one of the best applications for generating revenue. According to Distimo’s report, in-app purchase ranking is 76 percent in accordance with the entire revenue generated in Apple App Store in the US and 90 percent in the Asian markets.

Freemium apps or game is free for any user. The only fact is that it would be available with limited features, virtual goods and contents. By placing an in-app purchase, the users can access the premium version of the app or game which includes all the desired features. For monthly updates, this route subscription is enough.

Paid Apps with Paid Features

This monetization model is considered to be hybrid and it has raised much criticism from users. It is a bit tricky to develop an app using this model and only through clever moves a company can gain value proposition. But there are companies who opt for this recent development.

Many have the opinion that it’s unfair to charge the user for downloading the app and again making they pay for gaining additional features. Some of the apps built on iOS platform can be considered as the major example of this kind of app development model.

MobileAPPtelligence, an award winning cross platform app development company, building mobile apps in business and enterprise domain.

Mobile App Development Company

What strategy you should adopt to develop mobile apps (freemium & paid)?

UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran based businesses are Hiring Top Android App Development Companies in India – MobileAPPtelligence.com

Are you hiring android development company for a new app idea or to build an app to connected your existing business processes through mobility solutions? You must know a bit about Android OS and how to find a top android development company from your shortlists.


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Android application development company

Mobile Apps Development Companies

What is Android OS

Android the most widely used operating system across the world, is an open source platform. As per a research conducted on the usage of the Android operating system, it was found that 75% of the mobile devices are powered by Android. This makes Android hot favorite when it comes to application development. Android was created by Google. Linux-powered Android and the tradition of Linux was continued by Android which made it an open source operating system.

Being an open source make it easy for the mobile app developers to showcase their creativity through the platform of Android operating system. A mobile app developer can download the software development kit (SDK) and develop the application for Android phones. Various businesses partners with the Android application development companies for the purpose of building and promoting their apps to them.

There have been many questions raised for preferring Android for the purpose of app development in comparison to the other operating systems. The wide popularity of Android is the answer to this question. Android is beneficial to the business and developers as its acts as a competitive tool for the purpose of achievement of high potent functionalities. When you decide of developing an android app for your business, it is advisable to consult an expert android app developer through a professional Android application development company.

Choosing the perfect android application development company would be a challenging task. We have some suggestion for you, which would help you in getting your Android application developed by the Android Application Development company that is best in the market.

The resources that are part of the Android Application Development Company are the most important part. The Android Application Developer working for you should possess the capability of visualizing your app concept, executing the design of your app in a manner that could be termed as creative and has the capability of deploying your Android app efficiently into the target market.

The experience of the Android Application Development company would be an important factor. How long has the Android Application Development company been in the market? What is the number of Android applications that they have developed? Checking on the real-time applications developed by the Android Application Development company would be an excellent idea.

The third point to take care of would be the technical know-how of the Android Application Development company. It would be interesting to know the porting experience of the Android app that the company has in other platforms like iPhone and Windows.

It would always beneficial to go with a company that has been working in the field of web designing, visualizing and digital strategy for a long time. These kinds of companies with long history would be able to design your Android app effectively.

The next aspect to check with the Android App Development company would be the fundamental skills in that are required for the development your Android app. The other features that are essential for the Android Apps Development company would be the capability in fixing the bug, ability to upgrade the app and provide support after the Android app has been published.

Android powers millions of phones and tablets across the world. Its user-friendly capability, easy customization, and seamless functioning have made it the favorite operating system across the globe. Find out a top android application development services provider and get mobile.



Cross Platform Mobile App Development Companies surging in Germany, United Kingdom and India – www.mobileapptelligence.com  

The process of mobile application development across the world encounters one common problem, which is choosing the right platform for development of the mobile application. There are many options available because of multiple mobile platforms, the best is perhaps cross-platform mobile development. In the current competitive world, one cannot stick to a single platform, as mobile apps supporting multiple platforms have become the demand of the present era.

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Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile app development involves developing the mobile application in one common language and the end code could be then seamlessly imported in multiple platforms. Hiring cross-platform app development company for the development of your mobile app is a way to reach out to the larger market along with saving time and money.

There has been a rising demand for development and deployment of app and it is only going to increase in the coming years. The requirement to develop and deploy more apps would mean that cross-Platform mobile app development would be in high demand. As per the reports the cross-platform mobile app development is having an annual compound growth rate of 38%, which would mean reaching $4.8 billion level by the year 2017. The demand for enterprise mobility solutions and enterprise app development would also increase and around 20 million enterprise apps would be developed by 2018.

The mobile app development tools plays an eminent part in the process of mobile app development. As per the current report the top 10 enterprise Cross-platform mobile app development tools are Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, iFactr, Kony, SAP, Alpha Software, 5App, FeedHenry and Sencha.

Benefits of hiring Cross-Platform Mobile Development Company

Hiring a Cross-platform mobile development company will bring you with multiple benefits.

Cost effective

Apps would be Enterprise ready

Reaching out to a wider market

Single time development

User of every mobile platform would be able to use the application

Support provided for different languages

Technologies to look for :

Cross-platform mobile app development is not as simple as it sounds. Developing a versatile cross-platform mobile app requires knowledge skills and experience. When you partner with a Cross-platform mobile app development company, the experience and expert resources works towards the development of flawless application which will provide the users with a smooth experience. More over the process of cross-platform mobile app development is cost-effective and  delivered within the given time frame.

A cross-platform mobile development company works on the following:



Adobe Flex mobile development kit

Titanium Appcelerator

HTML5/ CSS3 development

Sencha touch

JQuery mobile


Knockout JS

The most eminent Cross-Platform mobile app frameworks are PhoneGap, Rhomobile and Titanium.

PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap is free and open source software (FOSS) which is used for developing cross-platform apps for iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry, Android, iPad, Android, Symbian and Plam. It is the only mobile platform known for supporting 7 platforms. The coding languages used includes HTML and JavaScript and this cross-platform mobile app development platform can access hardware features like GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound and many more. The various features PhoneGap Cross-platform mobile app development are:

HTML5 and JavaScript

Accessing the native apps

Multi-platform deployment of the apps

Benefiting from the PhoneGap built

Implementing PhoneGap plug-in

Rhomobile App Development

One of the most used cross-platform mobile app development tool used for development of mobile app for iPhone, Android, RIM, Symbian and windows mobile. The features of Rhomobile are:

It is an open source copy based framework

RhoHub which helps in hosting of the development environment

RhoSync which is a standalone server that helps in keeping the data intact in the user’s mobile device

The components of RhoSync are framework synchronization, RESt API, administration web console and presence of asynchronous job system.

Titanium Development

One of the most preferred platform for cross-platform mobile app development. Titanium mobile app development implements JavaScript Syntax with custom API, along with the methods that gets transformed and cross-compiled to Objective-C and Java. There are fours parts for Titanium application:

  • HTML/CSS/ JavaScript code used for making logical code application and UI
  • Presence of APIs which help in accessing the native functionality of the device
  • Presence of language-OS bridge for compiling the web codes
  • The run time shell for packaging the application for cross-platform distribution

MobileAPPtelligence is an award winning cross platform mobile development company, specializes in the development of cross-Platform mobile apps. Write us to know more about our services.

eCommerce App Development for Fashion, Retail, Healthcare and Online Delivery Verticals – MobileAPPtelligence.com

Third quarter survey shows clearly that mobile commerce is driving growth to online retailers in the United States. Key retailers are seeing mobile revenues growing at rate of 26.5% as of now. Not only retailers, mobile technology is also helping other industries and business to thrive and expand in the global market. Mobile technology has brought a wind of change in every sector and it is eminent worldwide. Before digging the USA mobile app development for e-commerce market and how it is casting its spell to propel growth in retail. Let’s have a glimpse of mobile Commerce.

Hire Mobile App Design Company – Get a Project Quote – http://www.mobileapptelligence.com/enquiry.html


mCommerce App Development

What is Mobile commerce?

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is defined as “the buying and selling of goods and services via mobile/wireless technologies and devices”. It is basically the use of mobile device to buy articles, pay bills, redeem coupon etc.  Another definition explains that “Mobile Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods and services, which is initiated and/or completed by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks with the help of an electronic device.” Mobile enabled e-commerce websites and ecommerce mobile apps are trending in this season.  

A Quick Overview of US Mobile Commerce Market

Online retailers are enjoying a good surge in mobile commerce sales around the world. The United States is no exception in this regard. The United States has the maximum number of big mobile players. According to a report, major 500 US e-retailers in mobile commerce are expected to witness a growth in smartphone sales by 68% this year. The report also states that big mobile companies in the US will experience a massive profit driven by smartphones and tablets sales.

This would be double than the 14.5% growth in e-commerce in the first quarter of 2015. Moreover, mobile commerce will include 29.6% of total U.S. e-commerce revenue this year, up from 24.7% last year. It is estimated that in 2015 US mobile commerce sales will outnumber 2014 sales. In 2014, the country registered $75.03 billion sales and this number is expected to increase by 38.7 % with $104.5 billion sales.

The companies who share the major chunk of m-commerce platform are Amazon.com Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., and Apple Inc. These companies are playing a major role in boosting the growth of e-commerce domain in the United States.

The latest report has revealed that 18 % of the worldwide and 40% of the US mobile internet users will purchase products from their smartphones in 2015. The monthly mobile visit of US merchants grew 68.3% to 3.03 billion in 2015 and mobile monthly unique visitors grew about 44% to 964.7 million. This impressive growth has attracted many US retailers to adopt m-commerce path for selling their goods. They are even investing money for the development of mobile apps which will further enhance user’s experience and customer satisfaction. Thanks to m-commerce, retailers in US are now shining under the glory of mobile apps and thus surging demand of top mobile app developers globally.  

Why Mobile Commerce is Successful?

Amidst the buzz surrounding mobile commerce, many may wonder what are the reasons that are propelling the growth of m-commerce. There are definitely many factors involved in the development of mobile commerce. Some of them are described below:

Increased investment – Lately, the mobile platform has experienced massive investments. Big investors are supporting and providing a fund to mobile start-ups. This is giving birth to new companies in the e-commerce market which are driving significant growth.  

Better devices – Mobile infrastructure has seen a major evolution in the recent years. Smartphones available in the market are now more easily accessible than earlier versions of mobiles. The enhanced aesthetic, efficient & fast interface and user-friendly applications of the smartphones are making it popular among the users. Buyers are turning to mobile apps for purchasing the products instead of computers and desktops.

Improved Infrastructure – The mobile platform has tremendously improved in terms of accessibility, security, and usability. People who were reluctant to use mobile phones for purchasing products earlier are now using it due to improved infrastructure. Now there are more numbers of user-friendly apps than ever.  

Retailers Needs to Focus on the following to Boost the Sales Further

Customized Content for all Devices: The major challenge to hold customer in m-commerce platform is to supply a hassle-free functional interface. Customers stay on mobile apps for short duration. If the functionality is cumbersome and difficult then they will not return to the app for future purchase. So, it is necessary to design a user-friendly app to boost the sales.

Unified Commerce Platforms: The retailers need to redefine their architectural approach to improving supply chain, marketing, and administration applications.


Every company wants to improve their sales by executing all possible strategies be it the use of technology or promotion sales. Companies have got a new lucrative tool (i.e. mobile apps) to drive the sales. They will definitely explore this podium for better sales and be holding their existing customers. Before anything, the retailers have to think ‘mobile first’ to experience a successful journey en-route to m-commerce. The Sooner, the better!

Mobile commerce, ecommerce app development, ecommerce app development, mobile commerce USA, United States, mCommerce development Company, mCommerce App


Developing Mobile Application in India for Consumer Business, Focus on Engagement Metrics – MobileAPPtelli

Developing mobile application in India can be one of the most important steps in terms of marketing strategy. Mobile apps are generating opportunities 24/7 for their makers. The apps that have “stickiness” are the best ones. They provide fresh and exciting experience to the user. This will, in turn, improve the brand loyalty and affinity. “This is what makes an app ‘sticky’ — that ‘gotta have it’ experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

The engagement metrics of mobile application, depends on the industry. The goals of each business are different and according to it, the customer engagement and usage differ in India. Let’s pay attention to some of the major KPIs which defines the success of your app.

For Cross Platform Mobile Development – Get a Project Quote – http://www.mobileapptelligence.com/enquiry.html

ecommerce app development

ecommerce app development

Mobile App Usage

If people are so fond of features of your app, then definitely they will use it. It may be just to kill time, order their favorite dress or find the best home décor ideas. The successful apps give the clear cut solution to the queries of the user.

While assessing the usage rate of your app, it’s important to analyze the person who uses it and what they really like about your app. While you push to market a certain feature or offer to a user, it’s really important to know whether it is relevant to them. Understanding the demography, psychology, devices, usage timings can help you get the best out of the mobile app development business. The market study can favor brand building in a positive manner.

Cohort Analysis helps in assessing the engagement metrics. This can provide insight to the weaknesses of your app. Acquiring the customer and retaining them for future can help in determining engagement getting converted to monetization.

User Retention

Your app might be high in demand today, but there are chances that the interest of the consumers can end swiftly. The retention rate of your app is something which needs to be taken care of. “Retention is one of the biggest challenges of mobile apps today, as 65% of people stop using them three months after install”.

App store rankings can adversely affect your business. The quality and usability of the app are determined by the retention rate it holds. So it’s a great challenge for the app developers to rise up to the mark and create a fantastic app for their users.

Active App Users

Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Daily Active Users for apps (DAU) are considered to be the key users of your application. The best thing you can do is to analyze the cohort and understand their way of use. This will help you in developing or tweaking the existing app to engage more people and convert them to active users. In app categories like survey, DAU becomes a key factor for capturing data.

Average Revenue Per App User

Revenue of an app depends on its price, in-app purchases or conversions. While determining the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), it should be analyzed by keeping all the App stores through which the downloading of apps happen.

App Launch and Load Time

Seamless navigation is one of the key elements to impress your users. No one has the time to spend on your app’s loading time. So it is better for the apps to be agile and abrupt in providing solutions.

User Experience

The experience of any user is important for the development of your app. Some of the users may find it hard at times to use certain features of it. Customer satisfaction cannot be taken for granted. So proper feedback need to be collected from your customer by prompting them with feedback icons. It helps in enhancing your business. It becomes more important, if you are building delivery apps or app for marketplace.

App Development is an important element in the brand building process. If you lose your brand, then you will soon lose your customers. For getting continuous return from the app developed for your brand, you need to make timely changes to it.