Steps to prevent customers from leaving your Mobile Shopping Cart

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e-Marketer predicts that by 2016, mobile commerce will do a business of $87 billion, which is almost a quarter of all E-commerce. Mobile app development and responsive ecommerce website have become tools for e-tailers to do good. But there are a few important things, which one should take care so that the customers does not leave your site without buying.

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Customers reach your mobile shopping cart, but abandon it without buying any of your products. It’s heartbreaking indeed, isn’t it? We can ignore the ‘window shoppers’ in the cyber world. But what about the real, potential customers who go to other sites and buy?

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Despite the internet’s blazing fast pace, cart abandonment is extremely high. Why do so many customers abruptly leave the mobile shopping cart during the checkout process? Strong research has been done to counter the situation and following are the steps:

Difficult navigation – Shoppers of your mobile shopping cart may quickly abandon if they find the navigation difficult. The mobile cart should clean and clutter-free to bring a client to conversion.

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High shipping costs or additional fees – According to a Forrester study, a large percent of customers who abandon the shopping carts do so due to high shipping costs. Additional cost, which is displayed at the end by adding the shipping or the additional cost, definitely diverts clients.

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Insecure checkout – Today the clients are aware about the web security and want to but from the ecommerce websites, which are SSL secured. If users do see a seal of trust, they can abandon their decision of making a purchase.

Too many steps – Users appreciate the mobile shopping cart software, which have minimum steps to make the purchase. Three steps are considered ideal.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


Facets of mobile app strategy to boost your business.

Mobile is about to overtake fixed internet access. It is imperative for you to devise a mobile app strategy to boost your online business. There are a few key areas, which you should take care of.

Mobile apps are the high-end solution to boost brand awareness and improve the consumer experience. It is unique for branding purposes and for regularly interacting with your customers. Smart apps present you infinite opportunities. An app can be there for anything under the sun. But take care to create an app that is streamlined and easy for the customer to use. With your imagination and communicating it to your mobile app developer, you can give your customer an enchanting user experience. Targeting local customers and providing offers is easy with a mobile app of your own. Providing better customer support and collecting feedback is also possible with the app. Investing in a smart app will fetch you great returns in near future.


Mobile-friendly websites should be an integral part of your mobile marketing strategy. It will capture new customers, get customers from your competitors, empower your existing customers, and build your brand. Now more and more people are searching the net for their needs through their mobile devices rather than from PCs. So your business will have a greater exposure through your mobile-friendly website. They provide a better user-experience to your customers so that there will be more conversions and customers will visit your site again and again. It also reduces the possibility of losing customers.

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SMS (Text) Marketing is a must if your business is mainly B2C. It is a cheap and very fruitful method to capture your customers. It is clearly the most relevant engagement channel. 95% of people will read text messages within 15 minutes. But reading emails will take longer durations. Email marketing is fast being replaced by SMS marketing. Now you can add images, videos, etc to your marketing SMSs too. You can send coupons to your customers and give information of new offers. But, keep in mind that texts have very short life duration. So give offers that can be used immediately. If your shop gives a special offer on Sunday, don’t send the message on Friday, but only in Sunday morning.

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Mobile marketing strategy should be used as the part of an overall marketing strategy. It can boost your business a lot.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


Why mobile website (mobile browsers compatible) is indispensable to your business?

In the modern scenario, mobile website or mobile compatible website s the first requirement for your business. This is because smartphones will have problems with a standard website with are non responsive in nature. Buyers won’t return to a site that is not optimized for mobile, nor can they buy from such a website. In contrast, mobile website gives good user-experience to the visitors and brings better conversion. In many cases today, the businesses are preferring mobile website development more than the mobile app development initiative.


Mobile website is streamlined with critical content, easily accessed by the customer’s fingers. He can tap to call and even tap for directions. But you will need professional help to make your present website compatible to mobiles or to design and create a site optimized to smartphones. A mobile app development company or a professional responsive website designer can certainly do the task for you. You need to let the app development company know, which components – you need on small screens.

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In ‘mobilizing’ your shopping site, the hurdle is screen size. Usually, the screen size of smartphones is around 4-6 inches. So you have to use larger fonts. Site navigation should be simpler since your customers who are on the move may not have enough concentration. Many subpages are not a good option. Your mobile website designer must plan the contents and positioning over carefully.

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Measures should be taken for your mobile checkout experience to be a good one, as mobile web transactions are often done in open, people will be afraid about entering credit card and other personal information. You should provide a professional checkout service that keeps this data online.

Mobile data usage is expensive. So don’t use too much animation, video streaming, high-pixel images, etc. Users are vigilant about the data they consume. In a mobile site, you can direct your customer to your physical store nearby him, which you can know from his location. You can use web maps for this.

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There are some limitations to mobile optimized site. All your products and services can’t be shown in such a site. So always give a link to your home page. This will help client to browse more, if he likes.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


Why your enterprise needs a professional mobile apps development company?

Smart phones are the 24-hour companion of the modern cultured person. One billion smart phones are there now, which will gradually increase. This gives a great opportunity to the businesses as smart phone apps give them facility to communicate with their customers without the constraints of space and time. Enterprise mobile apps can also help firms to improve productivity and ROI. Thus its clear – why your enterprise needs a professional mobile apps development company.

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Small businesses also have mobile apps of their own now. Due to apps, they have been increasing productivity, reducing paperwork, and enhancing income. You can get more customers without expensive advertisements. You can make a personal relationship with them too. These lead to less expense and more income. Your business may be providing service, sell products in a physical store, or run a restaurant or a travel agency. All these businesses can be enhanced by a mobile app. An app serves a small or medium enterprise just as it boosts the business of a big brand. According to Forbes Magazine, “Every business should be thinking about developing mobile apps today. It’s not a fad or a passing trend. It’s customer service.”

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Having a mobile presence has become indispensable for any business nowadays. Mobile apps work in real time. It means, your shop or business is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can provide any information about your business to your customers in this fast world. Remember what if all your competitors have mobile apps and you don’t have one? Or you can be the first to have an app of your own and beat them all. Your mobile app will catch new, potential customers and keeps loyal customers engaged.

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You may be having a website of your own, but it is no longer enough. Desktop computers are getting less relevant. People tend to use mobile devices more to book travel tickets, order food from a restaurant, and to buy gadgets, clothes and all that. In this fast changing scenario, your business can’t be without a mobile app.

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With a mobile app, you can send push notification to the smart phones of your clients informing them of your offers, events, new products and services, etc. It is easy to run customer rewards programs through your app. These will all lead to extra sales for you. Then why hesitate? Contact a mobile apps development company now.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) – iOS App Development

Apple Push Notification Service (APNs for short), launched together with iOS 3.0 on June 17, 2009, is the core of the push notifications element. It is highly resourceful means for distributing information to iOS and OS X devices. Every device sets up a recognized and encrypted IP connection with the service and takes delivery of notifications over this continual connection. If a notification for an application reaches when that application is not running, the device alerts the user that the application has data, which can be reviewed.


Mobile app developers create the notifications in their server software. The function of the provider is to watch for the incoming data for the applications installed by their customers.

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When it comes, the provider connects with APNs through a persistent and secure channel while monitoring incoming data intended for their client applications. When new data for an application arrives, the provider prepares and flings a notification through the channel to APNs. Subsequently the APNs push the notification to the intended device. APN stores and sends the notifications may be in the forms of badges, sounds or custom text alerts.

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To iphone app developer, it is easy to get your application receive notifications. But sending messages need a little more efforts and planning. Code snippets and expert instructions for this feat are separate. Native iPhone application developers will be well-experienced in configuring Cron Job, incorporating APNs to Apple Delegate files. They can also implement APN service with Play framework.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.


Mobile App Development India : A Competitive Market- MobileAPPtelligence (

India being one of the top technology driven company is competing with the global market of mobile apps is competing with global technology industry. Having the vast pool of intellect in all the technology related to infrastructure, hardware, software development and now it is mobile application development.

Top-Mobile-Developers (, an award winning company promoting Mobile app Development India. We deliver custom mobile apps, android games, iOS games including the latest features like NFC. We also place dedicated mobile app developers at offshore for worldwide clients.

A recent study by the market research firm Juxt polled an extraordinary number of smartphone users – 121,311 individuals in 30,066 households across India – and found that the nation now can claim roughly 554.8 million mobile users!

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Being a highly populated country india has definitely more mobile users than there are people in the United States. And what’s amazing is that this figure was only half as large a few short years ago.

According to the study, these users employ 643.4 million active SIM cards, and there are approximately 773.9 million live SIMs in India. Of these users, 23.8 million individuals access the Internet through a mobile data connection such as GPRS or 3G. More interestingly, a million of those users connect to the Internet exclusively via mobile.

Laptops, Desktop , Keyboards and Mouse have replaced the touch screen.

Messengers, Mobile apps , Internet have become easily available to every indian citizens sitting in every nuke corner of the city or town.


This is the reason why mobile app development have become the latest buzz in Indian technology market. Every enterprise and businesses need a mobile app to monetise his business. Every enterprise and business is looking for best mobile app development company in India with best mobile app developers to convert their idea to app reality. There may be thousands of mobile app development company and mobile app developers providing mobile application development services but one has to be careful enough to choose the RIGHT one. A correct decision taken on time will save you a lot in terms of both time and money.


What might surprise you, though, is that a majority of the users who access Internet exclusively through mobile data connections are in rural areas. You might not associate rural communities with being technologically progressive, but in this case, we’re guessing that mobile connections provide convenient access in locations where obtaining a reliable hardwired home connection is difficult. [Commenters, if you’re familiar with the reasons behind these stats, we’d love to hear more!]

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Indeed, a slim majority 54% of India’s mobile users live in rural areas. And yet mobile saturation is only at 36% (urban mobile saturation is far more developed, as you might expect, having reached 70%). This means that opportunities for growth among rural mobile users in India are quite robust. For small businesses in India and app developers, the message is clear: the always-growing mobile space is practically begging for increased attention, and rural users should be at the center of your efforts.

What do they want? Well, according to the study, landline users are focused on games, videos, and music, but mobile users are all about communication. Thus, social networking, instant messaging, and e-mail are the favorites of the mobile user. Keeping in touch, it seems, is the most useful feature of mobile devices. And users are keeping in touch more than ever.

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If you have an Idea for Mobile App which is really worth to convert your business then it’s really worth going for developing a mobile app for your business to take your client experience to next level.

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Some Tips to Andrid App Developers for Android App Development / Call Us +91.9742670797

Hire Android App Developers , Android App Developer India (, an award winning Android App Development Company guides through some tips while developing an android app through best android app development company in india.


The Android SDK is becoming the most popular development framework for android app developers. The success of this development framework (SDK) is beyond the imagination level. Millions of Android powered Smartphones are launching every day. So a great door of opportunities has opened for android app development. Google Play is the place where developers publish their created or developed application. Android OS is now operating and dominating the whole Smartphone market in the world. Many business companies are now focusing on Android application development services. So android developing business is improving and expanding day by day. deliver custom android apps using latest tool Android L Android SDK environment including the latest features like NFC. We also place dedicated android developers (android application developers) at offshore for worldwide clients.

All Android apps are not successful because of some reasons. Most of the times the developers can’t understand a consumer’s demand. All the mobile app developers are not very good in kind of mobile development environment. For this sometimes they forget or misuse the fundamentals of mobile application development that make actually good for nothing though it is not too hard to make a successful mobile application. This article covers many useful tips that will help a mobile application developer to make a successful application.

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Responsive Web Design

A mobile app should be responsive to all the mobile devices and go along with cross browser compatibility. It is a kind of web design which deals with both cross browser and cross platform compatibilities. Web developers make code for desktops, handheld PCs, and Smartphone. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is that type of device in which responsive web design is used. This device tries to combine all Android powered Smart phones and tablet PCs.

Website owner should decide on responsive website design and mobile apps development based upon the development cost, implementation time frame, design approach, user experience, performance, and ongoing maintenance.

Again monetisation is also an important factor. The rate in which the mobile apps can be monetised cannot be compared with mobile based website.

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Fragmentation an important factor:

Android developers only had an option to build two layouts in a screen before so that the OS could select the most suitable of them. But still it is not a solution of the question of fragmentation. After releasing Android 3.2 developers are able to create more than two layouts. So Android developers can make an affective and successful Android apps with little efforts.

Socialization and Monetisation

Socialization through social media groups are important. As if a happy customer of yours is successfully using your app and can post a review or experience about using the same app then the message will get viral and spread across all the social media community that he has joined.

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Let the first impression of icon and theme tag last long

First impression is the last impression

The Google play has thousands of mobile apps but all the apps are not equally popular. To make an app popular a developer has to keep in mind that first impressions of icon last long. So to make successful app a developer must have to make an attractive icon for the app. If the icon of the app is becoming attractive the users will show more and more interest about that app. Apart from icon you must make the theme tag line very very important. You must describe your product in one line. Your tag line should communicate what you are selling and it should be under the right category.

The Price Factor

The price factor is not so effective in mobile apps like a PC app. Most of the apps are free of cost or available at a very low price. So price factor is not so much effective in mobile apps. Initially to get popularity you must keep your app free for download. The app is the main route for your product website or company catalogue.

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Enterprise Mobile Application Development and Mobility Solutions: MobileApptelligence

Hire Mobile App Developer , Application Developer India

MobileAPPtelligence ( specializes in Mobile Application Development Services like Mobile app development, Mobile Web Services, and Mobile application management for enterprise.


Mobile devices lead to more employee flexibility. They can play a big role in security, network, and technical concerns. Mobile apps have become a craze of enterprises and businesses. The present trend in mobile app development is to keep them simple by using HTML5 where possible and try to keep them device-agnostic. All give utmost importance to user-experience. Business and enterprise owners want to build mobile apps which include technologies like camera, video, location awareness and mapping, data capture, real–time notifications, near-field communication, data synchronization across platforms, and so on.

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Only an award winning mobile application development company with sophisticated infrastructure and expert employees like MobileAPPtelligence can provide you such Enterprise Mobility solutions. Our solutions drive mobile innovation and strategic change.


We offer you the following enterprise mobility services:

  • Architecture for the next-generation of mobile applications
  • Test automation
  • Android customization
  • Domain Expertise
  • System Integration
  • Web to Mobile Migration
  • User Experience Design and Evaluation
  • Porting, Testing and Certification
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Field Force Automation
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Mobile Phone Tracking

Enterprise mobility solutions from MobileAPPtelligence helps enterprises in transforming their business processes and becoming a future-ready mobile enterprise by providing mobile application developmentand mobility consulting solutions.

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We are the only company in India to which you can offshore development of mobile apps that will run on iPhone 3GS and newer, Android, Blackberry OS 6.0+, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8,Ubuntu andFirefox OS.

Why choose MobileAPPtelligence for developing Enterprise Mobile Apps Development :

  • Can develop outstanding cross-platform mobile user experiences in no time
  • Can integrate with absolutely any enterprise system
  • Can deploy mobile apps inside and outside the enterprise
  • Monetize the app faster
  • Can manage encryption and mobile device management support

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Ecommerce Mobile apps Development

Mobile App Developer india, Mobile Game Developer India

E-commerce business or the digital commerce business is on the high. People gradually turn away from their PCs to buy things online. They use ecommerce apps in their smartphones to order things and services online.



Branding Brand’s prediction that of 49.6 billion visits to the top 500 e-retailers in 2014, 26.4 billion, or 53.2%, will emanate from mobile devices has been coming true. Even Twitter is reported to enter the e-commerce sector after its Android app leaked a preference option labeled “payment and shipping.”

Reports state that online buying through mobiles are skyrocketing. In this scenario, how your business can postpone building an E-commerce app of your own? is a company doing m-commerce in a manner highly beneficial to you. We make mobile apps that connect to customers, provide an innovative user experience and great conversion, and make choosing a product or service and paying for it easier than ever before.

MobileAPPtelligence creates innovative and secure E-Commerce Applications. We make custom-made mobile apps for ecommerce to cater to all your needs. We build ecommerce mobile apps for B2C as well as B2B businesses. Our ecommerce apps look more than

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Our ecommerce mobile app design and development team can proide you the following services:

  • Mobile E-commerce solutions
  • Ecommerce strategy and planning
  • Custom shopping cart development
  • Shopping cart development in Magento, WordPress, Open-Cart, OScommerce, Zen-Cart and X-Cart, etc
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Customizable web design for sophisticated and unique design solution to implement the project.
  • Online marketing services to enhance brand identity and website traffic.
  • Migration services from Oscommerce to Magento, Joomla to Magento, Drupal to Magento, .Net to Magento and Custom applications to Magento
  • Quality SEO services
  • Customized CMS development to manage work flow in the shared environment.

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Ecommerce app experts at MobileAPPtellingence will also help you to understand the M-commerce and how your customers behave in the app, and how and what they like to buy here.

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Hire iOS developer for iPhone and iPad Development-Mobileapptelligence

iPad Apps Development , iPad Application Development ( is a cutting-edge iOS application development company providing best in class iOS application development services, with headquarter in Bangalore, India. We offer end to end design and development of iPhone, iPod and iPad apps. We provide in iPhone, iPod and iPad application development services for global enterprises. Founded in 2003, we have clients and partners all over the world, entrusting us to devise and execute their mobile application development and deployment strategies. With innovation and use of up-to-date technologies, we deliver iPhone, iPod and iPad, apps to keep out customers ahead of competition. You can also hire a Hire iOS developer for iPhone , iPod and iPad Development from our experienced and skilled team.


Human interface guidelines (HIG) supplied by Apple will guide the iphone application developer on how to design the standard keyboard layout, the date picker, and the status bar. The three cardinal visions of Apple are deference, clarity and depth.

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iOS is a cutting-edge mobile OS, celebrated for a highly user-friendly interface and stunning features providing an integrated experience. iOS apps will reach people with high spending capacities.

You need not spend too much money for in-house iOS app development. Our iOS developer for iPhone , iPod and iPad will work exclusively for you to create an app for you in the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with the iOS SDK, in a cost-effective manner. On our Mac, our developer dedicated to you will create iOS apps that run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, that your customers will love to use and order your products or services.

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To design a catching user-interface for iOS, iphone application developer or ipad application developer should do the study of the top apps in the iTunes and also try to fully comprehend Apple’s own UI guidelines. Just adhering to Apple guidelines won’t result in a nice UI, but you have to add your aesthetics to it. You may design the iOS app such that it is clear, simple, focused, and easy to navigate. Meanwhile, you should ensure that it keeps itself within the platform conventions of Apple.

Our iPhone app developer and iPad app developer are all well-versed in the entire technical resources in the iOS development centre, like videos, sample code, technical documentation, and Apple Developer Forums. Each of our iOS app developers are skilled in all the development tools in the iOS SDK: Xcode, iOS Simulator, Instruments, Interface builder.

After designing and development, we will show how your iOS app will perform in a real-world environment by installing and testing it directly on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. using With the powerful optimization tools like Xcode’s graphical debugger and Instruments’ timeline view, your dedicated developer will test your app in real-time, to quickly identify and address any performance issues. Testing and debugging your code in all iOS devices is our developers’ strong point.

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MobileAPPtelligence iOS team is known for their prowess in distributing apps on the App Store. We will enable you to reach millions of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch customers.

The iOS developer for iPhone , iPod and iPad you hire from us will work up to eight hours per day, six days a week. Billing will be done on monthly basis. We will provide you timesheet for precise time-tracking. If you want extra working hours, you can purchase it at any time.

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