Develop Mobile App with User Centric Features, Go for Custom Application Development 

Do you want to develop android app for your business? In most of the cases, the answer will be “YES” as mobility solutions are a part of marketing and branding for global business and enterprises. Android app development, the process of developing application for the handheld devices like mobile phone with android operating system, personal digital assistance and enterprise digital assistance is on the rise at present. Due to the presence of numerous android app development companies across the globe, the competition among them is getting tougher day by day. Android app development forms an integral part of the mobile app development industry and the future prospect of android apps development is termed to be bright by many market analyst.

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Custom Mobile App Development

The number of Android app developers is increasing and so is the competition among them. Android app developers are competing to design and develop the android app that could get a place among the 10 best android apps developed across the globe, which is one of the way of keeping their client ahead in the business of android apps development. The growing demand of the Android operating system has been the reason behind android app development gaining a strong position in the mobile app development industry. Such is the impact of Android app development, that the global enterprises are working in collaboration with the mobile app development companies to stay ahead in the business.


Hiring a professional android app developer or hiring android development company would be the best idea that one can think of while converting their creative idea into an android application. A well versed will use his expertise in designing, developing and publishing of apps and help in the creation of mobile application which will give value addition to your mobile device. One more benefit of hiring a profession android app developer, is his expert suggestion in regards to the creation of the android app in cross platform or creating a native app.

Creation of the effective android app would help in reaching out to more number of end user. Android operating system has millions of visitors, thanks to Google play for providing this benefit to android apps. An android app developer would be the one capable of guiding you to the development of the android application which can surpass its competitors in the market of mobile app development. An android app with effective UI and excellent functionality is idle for your business growth and impacting the conversion rate.

When you want your business app, developed through android platform to reach out to people, it would be the robust android app that can help you. Android business app is not only a tool to expand your business, it is a brand recall. A factor which makes an android app for business to acquire the top position is the user experience along with the robust functionality of the android app. Adding these features to your business app and to make your business prosper could be architect by an experienced android app developer.

Choosing the right android app developer is a long process. You have to browse through the entire app portfolio, review the mobile apps created by the android app developer from the perspective of an end user. If the portfolio confirms the presence of cross platform and native app, you can confirm that you have reached the right android app developer.

A professional android app developer will be well-versed in design, development, and publishing. He can create android app in a better way can suggest you about the value added features, which you can provide to your mobile app users. He can also suggest you about going for cross platform mobile app or stay native.

Android OS by itself is giving a lot of direct visitors through Google play. A right application can definitely connect a right chord to end users. As there are already several android apps available on all the generic concept, an android app developer would be able to suggest you ways excel the expectations. Best in class UIs and great functionality can assure growth to your business and improve conversion rate.

A robust android app can definitely display your products in a better way. It is not only a tool to promote the business but a brand recall too. User experience, which is a key for the success of any android app, combining with robust functionalities, definitely takes the lead. This is something, only a well-experienced android app developer can do.




Develop Mobile Application for Business as mobility helping restaurants, ecommerce and retailers to grow


According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, number of mobile Internet users is to touch 185 million by June 2014. Digital industries such as ecommerce and digital advertising are on the rise. As data charges and price of smartphones come down, and as mobile internet and smartphone penetration rates rise hugely, mobile app development market is expected to have a value of Rs 2,700 crore by 2016. Every month, Indians download 100 million apps, ranging from music to spirituality. Mobile apps have become a part of Indian life. A need of 300,000 more mobile app developers is predicted for the next five years. MNCs have begun to enter India’s mobile app market, with large IP portfolios. Since most of the Indians now access the Internet through their mobiles, there is a surge in demand for mobile-friendly web sites too. Now the mobile app development companies in India have brisk business in making web sites mobile-ready.


Mobile application development has seen a great surge worldwide over last few years. Mobile app development and mobility solutions are a part of global marketing and branding strategy for leading businesses. Mobile technologies & app development are turning to be the pivotal point of IT in India, United States and United Kingdom.

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USA and United Kingdom, where the usability of mobile apps is very high, has seen some of the top product based mobile app development companies growing to next level because of surging demand.


As a business strategy, organizations worldwide is outsourcing their mobile apps requirements to companies in India the mobile app development companies in India are proving their mettle in this sector. 2016 seems to be a great year for the global mobile application development companies. Business based in India, United States and United Kingdom will propel the demand.





Top app development companies helping businesses meeting business objective through mobility


Mobile device users are spending more time on mobile apps than browsing the Internet. This is creating a serious need of custom mobile app development, where in the app fulfills the core business functions. Custom mobile development is not only for branding and promotion, its for customer satisfaction, employee connect and several other important things.

Now a days, mobile app development and mobility solutions are becoming credible to establish and promote brands. With the growing number of mobile users day by day, it is becoming indispensable that businesses extend their web based application to mobile devices.

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Mobile App Development

Custom mobile apps development enables businesses and corporate to develop idea centric apps to target business growth, to enhance productivity and to connect people. With an experienced mobile app development team, it is easy to come up with an elegant, user friendly custom app fulfilling a purpose.           

Imp factors, while you go for custom app development –  

When doing custom mobile application development for your businesses, the factors which need to be taken into consideration are:

  • App Objective
  • App rendering time
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Speed and Performance  

A custom mobile app helps enterprises to extend their critical business processes to the mobile workforce with secure, scalable, simple and easy to use mobility applications.

There are several benefits of having a custom mobile app, especially for a growing business. Some of them are listed below:

It supports business growth

What sets a custom mobile application development apart from other apps is its focus, which is – you and your business. These apps are designed and developed to get you new customers and helps you to maximize your brand exposure. You can release your custom application at various alternative app stores, like Amazon Android Appstore, SlideME, Samsung Apps, Opera Mobile Store and others all over the world. You can reach your customers 24/7, 365 days a year, and making them to interact with your business through your custom app. Moreover you can make the users from all over the world happy by supplying them your custom mobile app in their own native language. You can localize your app to any language, like Korean, Russian, Arabic or French, desired to maximize its impact. You can even restrict your mobile app to certain countries. Hence the possibilities of a custom app can be endless.

It saves time and money

Mobile app can be the most effective marketing asset. While causing only a fraction of the costs, a custom mobile app gets more exposure than a TV or magazine ad campaign with over a billion smart-phone users worldwide. You can plan a budget at the beginning of the app development process and define, if you are going with native app development or cross platform. Always remember, at the end of the day, people prefer a hassle-free app which meets their requirements in an easy and simple approach.        


All custom apps are built specifically for your needs. To get maximum performance, you can choose among the various platforms’ native development languages and tools which not only ensures the success guarantee of your app but also is responsible to provide better user experience. Some of them are Java with Eclipse for Android, Objective C and C++ with XCode for iOS, C# or C++ with Visual Studio for Windows phones. You get the choice to decide on the various platforms like: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.

Quality assurance

Custom mobile development refers to make your mobile application a masterpiece. By hiring a professional mobile app development company, you can make your app to stand out from the crowd and raise an eyebrow. It can be achieved with customized and unique features, intuitive usability, quick loading times and unbreakable stability.           

A custom mobile application development also serves you with some unique features, which includes:


It connects your consumers worldwide to your products and services via mobile apps and mobile websites.


It connects customers & partners to important company and product info. This model ensures your business growth as well as stability.

These are just a few key benefits which your business will get with a custom mobile app.



65% of enterprises have partnered with mobility solutions companies for our of box implementation

As smart phones are increasing day by day, a lot more people access the data on the go, rather than the desktops or laptops. Thus mobile application development has become a huge opportunity. Almost every business vertical, associated with any kind of services, is finding mobile application development, a must. A mobile app – android app or iphone app, is finding way because of ease of use and accessibility.

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Mobile App Development

Every business has something to share to its client, it may be information, updates, transactions. Mobile apps are taking this connectivity and sharing to the other level. For example, a travel company certainly needs a mobile travel app or update the present one to cater to the latest travel trends and needs. A company’s own travel mobile application improves their customers’ travel experience as well as loyalty.  Visibility of their brand is certainly increased. By using several languages in the mobile app, the travel company can widen their customer base and target the clients across the globe.

Travel companies can develop apps which enable the customers to book hotels and flights from them. They can also develop ideas and mobile apps which is more general in nature. This strategy will also help them to get more customers.

There are great mobile application development companies, which are developing some o of the most interesting mobile apps, as products. They understand the gap, do feasibility analysis and build something, which adds value to clients. Some huge acquisitions have created history in the domain of mobile application development.

Mobile Apps – really worth it? Absolutely. Its really worth going for developing a mobile app for your business to take your client experience to next level.

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Cross platform Mobile app development companies helping businesses reaping productivity gains, cost reduction

The process of mobile application development across the world encounters one common problem, which is choosing the right platform for development of the mobile application. There are many options available because of multiple mobile platforms, the best is perhaps cross-platform mobile development. In the current competitive world, one cannot stick to a single platform, as mobile apps supporting multiple platforms have become the demand of the present era.

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Cross platform mobile app development

Cross-platform mobile app development involves developing the mobile application in one common language and the end code could be then seamlessly imported in multiple platforms. Hiring cross-platform app development company for the development of your mobile app is a way to reach out to the larger market along with saving time and money.

There has been a rising demand for development and deployment of app and it is only going to increase in the coming years. The requirement to develop and deploy more apps would mean that cross-Platform mobile app development would be in high demand. As per the reports the cross-platform mobile app development is having an annual compound growth rate of 38%, which would mean reaching $4.8 billion level by the year 2017. The demand for enterprise mobility solutions and enterprise app development would also increase and around 20 million enterprise apps would be developed by 2018.

The mobile app development tools plays an eminent part in the process of mobile app development. As per the current report the top 10 enterprise Cross-platform mobile app development tools are Xamarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, iFactr, Kony, SAP, Alpha Software, 5App, FeedHenry and Sencha.

Benefits of hiring Cross-Platform Mobile Development Company

Hiring a Cross-platform mobile development company will bring you with multiple benefits.

Cost effective

Apps would be Enterprise ready

Reaching out to a wider market

Single time development

User of every mobile platform would be able to use the application

Support provided for different languages

Technologies to look for :

Cross-platform mobile app development is not as simple as it sounds. Developing a versatile cross-platform mobile app requires knowledge skills and experience. When you partner with a Cross-platform mobile app development company, the experience and expert resources works towards the development of flawless application which will provide the users with a smooth experience. More over the process of cross-platform mobile app development is cost-effective and  delivered within the given time frame.

A cross-platform mobile development company works on the following:



Adobe Flex mobile development kit

Titanium Appcelerator

HTML5/ CSS3 development

Sencha touch

JQuery mobile


Knockout JS

The most eminent Cross-Platform mobile app frameworks are PhoneGap, Rhomobile and Titanium.

PhoneGap App Development

PhoneGap is free and open source software (FOSS) which is used for developing cross-platform apps for iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry, Android, iPad, Android, Symbian and Plam. It is the only mobile platform known for supporting 7 platforms. The coding languages used includes HTML and JavaScript and this cross-platform mobile app development platform can access hardware features like GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound and many more. The various features PhoneGap Cross-platform mobile app development are:

HTML5 and JavaScript

Accessing the native apps

Multi-platform deployment of the apps

Benefiting from the PhoneGap built

Implementing PhoneGap plug-in

Rhomobile App Development

One of the most used cross-platform mobile app development tool used for development of mobile app for iPhone, Android, RIM, Symbian and windows mobile. The features of Rhomobile are:

It is an open source copy based framework

RhoHub which helps in hosting of the development environment

RhoSync which is a standalone server that helps in keeping the data intact in the user’s mobile device

The components of RhoSync are framework synchronization, RESt API, administration web console and presence of asynchronous job system.

Titanium Development

One of the most preferred platform for cross-platform mobile app development. Titanium mobile app development implements JavaScript Syntax with custom API, along with the methods that gets transformed and cross-compiled to Objective-C and Java. There are fours parts for Titanium application:

  • HTML/CSS/ JavaScript code used for making logical code application and UI
  • Presence of APIs which help in accessing the native functionality of the device
  • Presence of language-OS bridge for compiling the web codes
  • The run time shell for packaging the application for cross-platform distribution



eCommerce and online food, grocery delivery stores are going for native mobile app development in Android and iOS platforms

Mobileappteligence – Keeping ahead is the name of the digital game. Joining hands with a mobile apps development company to maintain the presence on the smartphones, is the key.

Retail apps are for customer retention and to be used by regular customers. Even beyond the experience, mobile apps are great for keeping brand recognition high. Recent surveys shows that retainers using the mobiles apps are actually selling better than the other stores, which did not use apps. In the modern business scenario, retailers must enter in a long-term partnership with mobile apps development companies, to stay ahead of the competition.

There are a few clear and sustainable advantages –

To create customer loyalty by getting smart, innovated apps that bring forth value for the customer.

To facilitate research and purchase of your retail items in-store and out.

Some reasons for developing a mobile app, are the following

Shoppers get high on useful mobile retail apps

Creating a mobile shopping app is relatively easy with a good mobile applications development company

Many of the retailers already have a mobile app, which are creating a better brand recall

Along with developing mobile app, you should also get a professional HTML5 development company to optimize your website for mobile.

While the penetration of mobile devices, is rising in an incredible manner, a mobile retail application is literally indispensable to your retail company. Mobile commerce has come to stay and will grow to gigantic proportions in the coming years. Retailers cannot afford not having a mobile-optimized website and a mobile app of their own.

A professional mobile app development company can help the retailer to gain today’s mobile buyer interest, loyalty and shopping power. Today’s consumers who are infused with the mobile mindset want to access on their mobile devices the shopping list they created online, order products, or see peer reviews. In short, the consumer behavior is fast changing and the retailer has to keep pace with them. With the assistance an expert mobile app developer, you can provide your customer a more personal and fun shopping experience right in his/her phone. More over the company can provide your app many value added features.  Rush to build mobile app, before your competition does.



Mobile Application Developers for Hire in India – Android, iOS, Native, Crossplatfrom Experts (, an award winning mobile app development company. We deliver custom android apps, android games including the latest features like NFC. We also place dedicated mobile app developers (android application developers) at offshore for worldwide clients.

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Hit the search engines and you are overwhelmed with a plethora of mobile app developers each of them invariably offering you the best service. How to make that choice which is crucial to your project? You have to ensure that the mobile app development company chosen, will be able to provide you an app that runs smoothly and gives you return for your investment in it. The tips given below will help you a lot in that challenging job.

Choose some apparently good mobile applications development companies from the numerous ones that pop in the search results, and dig through their web sites and assess how impressive are the design and the portfolio. If the company cannot design an impressive web site, there’s no point in pursuing them.

Choose an experienced and vetted mobile application developer. Discuss your project with them. Make sure that the developer can satisfactorily clear your doubts and queries on the basic issues, for example, compatibility with GPRS, social media integration.

Check the apps in their Appstore. Do you like the appearance and the feel of those apps? Is the mobile applications developer familiar with multiple platforms like Blackberry OS, Android and iOS? Make sure they can provide you an app which will fit gadgets such as tablets, readers and smartphones and into various viewing screens.

Zero in on a mobile app developer only if they can provide you ongoing technical support for a considerable period. They must be able to handle the bugs the users may find.To know more about us, please visit You can call us at +91.9742670797 / 1.347.709.7902 and email us at

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Cross Platform Mobile Development, Web Apps or Native App Development,which way to go

As the horizon of mobile technology is expanding rapidly, the mobile app development landscape is turning to be astonishingly intriguing. Now many are enthusiastic about hybrid or cross mobile applications. They combine many good features of both native and HTML 5 apps. The issue which is the preferable one has led to a heated debate in the related circles. Before coming to a conclusion, let’s have a bird’s eye view of each of these applications.

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Hire Mobile App Developer

A native mobile application is a smartphone application that is coded using the native programming language for platforms like iPhone or iPad apps  built using Objective-C, and Android application built with Java.  Native apps are loved for their fast performance and high reliability, sophisticated user experience and interface.  They have full access to a phone’s various features, such as its camera, geo location, and address book. Since native apps run smoothly, it is a better way to go for games. Businesses value their ability to submit to app stores and generate visibility. Users can use some apps without an Internet connection too. Moreover, Native apps are widely regarded as being the more secure solution. On the downside, this type of app is expensive to create and maintain, because a separate app is to be created and maintained for each platform (OS, Android, Windows phone) if you want to cover a larger audience across all platforms. So companies, to cut costs, have looked beyond the Native apps.

Hybrid (cross-platform) mobile application is developed with both HTML5 and Native technology, built using web technology and then wrapped in a platform-specific shell. It has not only cross-platform compatibility but also has moderate access to some of the native APIs and phone’s hardware. However, speed of Hybrid is slower that the Native apps. A high level of technical skill is required to develop and maintain Hybrid apps. Still, many    Hybrid apps get rejected at the Apple app store since the app is just a wrapper for a website.  

Keeping the above facts in mind, you may choose between Native and Hybrid according to your requirements and the way you want your user to interact with your app.




What are the three major future prospects of mobile app development?

What are the three major future prospects of mobile app development?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

The mobile devices have drastically improved data speed; the launch of new operating systems and the development seen in the app stores have positively impacted the development of mobile app market.

Here are the 5 major future prospects of mobile app development:

1.Powerful Processors: While new operating systems are being launched to the app development platforms, it is important for Google, Apple, and Microsoft to offer certain innovative features and technologies. iPhone 6s has iOS 9 as OS which is embellished with new features and high battery back-up. It supports other Apple devices like iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and the 4th generation Apple TV. This has encouraged other app developers to focus on upgraded versions of OS on their app development platforms. When more and more mobile devices are released into the market with high processing power, the app developers are forced to build robust applications which work in tandem with the new processors.

2.Innovative Mobile Devices: As you all know technology has gone far beyond smartphones and tablets. Now wearable devices are trending in the tech market. Google Glass and Apple Watch are examples of wearable devices. These devices could transform the conventional usage of mobile phones and apps. This innovative feature of smart devices has enabled the app developers to build certain apps which are compatible with these devices.

3.Operating Systems (OS): Mobile app development industry is reined by Android and iOS platforms. The users for Windows and Blackberry phones are reducing at a great pace. In the future, we shall witness the entry of several operating systems entering the app development industry. It is expected that the future OS will help in generating more business and thereby app development market will prosper in an increasing rate.

Mobile App Developers

What are the three major future prospects of mobile app development?

How to ensure enterprise security of app development services provided by your company?

How to ensure enterprise security of app development services provided by your company?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

Mobile application development is evoking risk for the enterprise security, and the threat is growing day by day. Mobile security issues are not new. For years, we are the part of mobile devices in the workplace spreading bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and political challenges. But only now the full outline of the challenge for mobile security has been identified. There are too many mobile apps that it is hard to be managed properly. As Karen A. Frenkel, CIO Insight said more than 1.5 million mobile applications available on the Apple App Store from June 2015 has outgrown over 3,00,000 of them last year. This level of software output “would have been unthinkable during the PC era,” Frenkel observed.

The software market has been completely redesigned. A few years back most people lived in a PC-centric world of information with a very few software applications. There were only large integrated packages like Microsoft Office. They might have had security problems, but they were able to sort it out. Those days are gone. Mobile security providers will now analyze thousands of applications and its vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. Then they would publish it to the app stores for users to download.

Mobile application security draws more attention and investment, but for the challenge of mobile applications security may have a simple cause-many applications-it has no easy solution. The applications are out there and use employee. Companies should use mobile security strategies to protect more rigorous control over the data from the white list of the application is more overwhelmed by the avalanche of requests.

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How to ensure enterprise security of app development services provided by your company?