How Google cloud computing has helped in easy data access?


Cloud computing or “the cloud” is storing and accessing data in the internet in place of external or computer’s hard disk. It is also known as on-demand computing where information is provided to computers and other devices on demand.

With an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere. Google Cloud Dataflow, the successor to the much acclaimed MapReduce service, is a managed service that enables the Android developers to create data pipelines that analyze data in both batch and streaming modes. MapReduce was processing the massive data sets using distributed computing. But now MapReduce stands outdated. MapReduce is a programming model for maintaining a large amount of data in a systematic manner. It is usually applicable for handling large and long-running jobs such as:

  • Examining application logs
  • Collecting related data from external sources
  • Changing data format
  • Extracting data for external analysis
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Google has introduced cloud dataflow which will give you actionable insights from your data. There are no problems regarding deploying, maintaining or scaling infrastructure. Google cloud monitoring system will assist you to discover and fix strange behaviour of your application stacks. Constant error showing in app engine module and sluggish query times from cassandra database with minimal configuration, will be solved by Cloud Monitoring. With cloud dataflow, any data processing task can be easily performed.

Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) was replaced by Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). With the help of GCM, app developers can develop mobile apps on devices and web browsers. They can even get easy communication at any location and network. With this android platform API, sending and receiving push notifications are possible. Thus GCM is a boon to every android app developer. Server application for Google cloud messaging can be written in both Java and PHP language. GCM is the only file application in PHP. You can put it in Apache.

The prerequisites for GCM android app is Google play services in SDK, Google APIs, Google Play Services_lib project as Android dependency, Google Project ID and Register/login with a Google account in the AVD.

Google cloud messaging is used by app developers as a notification engine. It is used to send data as well as receive messages from devices under one connection. Unlike a send-to-sync message, notification of up to 4 kb of payload can be sent to an android app. The app receives the messages from Google cloud messaging server. With the new feature, Return receipts, it is easy to track the message that it has been sent to a device. Android developers can even use the GCM feature, canonical registration IDs, to recover from bug-generated multiple registrations for the same device.  It also has the features like versatile messaging targets, downstream messaging, and upstream messaging.


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