How to find Skilled Mobile App Developers for your Enterprise?

mobile app developers india
Smartphones are selling like hot cakes. Consumer and enterprise demand for apps are hitting the sky. But, the availability of right skilled mobile app developers does not match with the above-mentioned explosions. This poses a great problem to businesses since it makes them unable to launch their own app when their business competitors already have.
MobileAPPtelligence offers following mobile app developers for different platforms (OS) to global clients on FP(fixed price) and TnM (Time and Material) model to global clients:
Mobile app developer talent is the fourth among the most demanded digital talents. App developers are too busy to take up new projects. Dearth of iOS app developers is the worst. In most cases, it is the shortage of mobile app developers, not that of money and time, which keeps companies ‘app-less’. But all badly need an app to create revenue and engage customers. Developers are difficult to find as well as increasingly expensive.
  • iPhone app developers
  • Android app developers
  • iPad application developers
  • BlackBerry application developers
  • Windows app developers
If one enterprise wants to build a cross-platform or hybrid mobile app which will work across the platforms, the problem gets more complex. Making native apps for each of the platform eats lot of time. Now most companies wants to build their apps with Web/HTML5, rest opting for native and hybrid app development according to specific needs.
Regarding time, adevelopment team (six to fifteen developers) may take two-to-twelve months to complete an app, generally. And there are an estimated 2.9 million app developers in the world. Most of them work individually and their performance in app stores in the economic sense is bleak.
MobileAPPtelligence is an award winning web, cloud and mobile app Development Company. It does next generation mobile app development services for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms. It has been named among the top 100 mobile apps development companies in 2013 by Silicon India. We have a team of professionals mobile app developers (android app developers, iOS app developers, iPhone app developers and iPad app developers) associated with the development of enterprise, ecommerce, educational, gaming and utility mobile apps. We provide Android App development services, iPhone app development services, iPad app development services, iOS app development services.
Our Mobile app developers follow the below mentioned process during the mobile app development life cycle.
Project scope assessment
A detailed project scope must be asked to assess overall design work. A complete project script is always helpful.
Understand the functional aspects
The most important thing is to understand is the business goal. Each project has its own business goal: extra revenue channels, brand identify or simply a mobile version of one’s web product.
Analyze audience
If enough thought in analysis of the product’s audience, one will save yourself a lot of errors as well as boost your chances of impressing your audience. For example, if the business people are in your target group, then a flashy/cartoony application will probably be a bad idea. A clean-cut design will, likewise, not impress any children.
One must decide if a project is going to be released free of cost, or users will have to pay something to download. Based on that only the project and version release can be planned.

Custom Mobile App Development – A key factor for Mobile App Monetization

mobile app developers india

Mobile based advertisement revolves around the key business model that your company is specialized into and that is why your customers believe your product. Mobile advertising now accounts for 9 percent of all digital revenue

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You know your product is distinct from others which is your USP. Then why go for ready-made apps.

Mobile apps are innovative tools to manage digital communication. Businesses, small, medium or large, can develop a mobile app of their own to engage with their target audience. Get customized mobile apps done from a professional mobile app development company.

MobileAPPtelligence can design and develop mobile applications which will enhance your brand reputation. The mobile app we make for you will increase the interaction between you and your customer, leading to more business, as well as more regular and loyal customers.You will be able to send notifications to the mobiles of your customers informing about new offers, products or services, contests, etc. You can know how many people download your app from the app store. You can have a good perception of the success of your business strategies by getting the statistics of conversion, interest in products, etc.

MobileAPPtelligence can build a custom mobile app for your business with the following features:

  • E-mail login
  • Customer user-interface
  • Geolocation
  • User profiles
  • Wish list
  • Shopping cart
  • Camera
  • Sharing items in Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter
  • User profiles
  • Third party API integration
  • Click to call
  • Dynamic content and multimedia


Our experienced designers will see to it that your app will have a premium appearance. Robust analytics is another specialty of apps made by MobileAPPtelligence. We will transform your vision of a mobile app to a compelling mobile experience for your customer.

For example : A customized Car Rental App specifying all the rates, type, pickup and drop policies, packages will be monetised faster compared to car rental website as the visitors find it easy to search and book the cars for transfers (oneway /bothway).



PhoneGap / Cordova a boon to cross platform mobile app developers


PhoneGap / Cordova is a tool for creating cross-platform mobile apps using web standards. PhoneGap is developed by Adobe, which acquired the company from the Nitobi PhoneGap development. The source code of the project was given to the Apache Foundation, while the project remains open source. Its name was changed to Cordova. PhoneGap is distributed under the Apache 2 license.

Mobile apps are built with PhoneGap using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. They are packaged by the tool to be performed by the rendering engine of the native browser on the smartphone or tablet which is targetted. PhoneGap also provides a JavaScript API that allows the use of advanced smartphone (GPS, accelerometer, camera …) features.

The core of PhoneGap is completely modular since version 3.0.0. It is possible to activate only the necessary application modules, which results in ease and optimizes the application.

Moreover, it is possible to extend the functionality of PhoneGap by adding new modules like Twitter, Barcode Scanner, NFC, etc, to choose from. Adding a module itself has been simplified to the maximum execution of a simple command line.

PhoneGap supports multiple platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 (and 6), Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows 8, Tizen, WebOS and Symbian. This is a complete and technically relevant solution for developing cross-platform mobile applications.

Adobe also offers a PhoneGap Build service for the generation of online applications, doing away with the installation of the various SDK. PhoneGap is a kind of shell adapted to each platform to transform standard web application in a hybrid application consisting of a WebView and a JavaScript API to access native phone features.


Challenges in PhoneGap / Cordova development

In the past years, PhoneGap / Cordova developers at MobileAPPtelligence have faced some problems in the development or maintenance of PhoneGap applications. Some of them I would like to quote are:


  • The PhoneGap engine moves quickly, usually a new version every month. Updates require understanding exactly what components beyond the standard JavaScript, HTML and CSS had changed.
  • Plugins not scheduled outside the business logic.
  • Each plugin has its own instructions for installation and / or upgrade.
  • We have to develop specific IDEs for each supported platform.

Our Phonegap experts have found these problems trivial and had come up with adequate solutions. I will explain it in my next blog.




Vehicle Booking System App –

App Development Company


MobileAPPtelligence ( or call +91 8880 321 321)helps corporates and startups in making their products and services distinctive and different from those of rivals, creating a unique selling point (USP) that, in turn, strengthens its brand.

MobileAPPtelligence also plays a major role for leading provider of travel technology products and mobile application development services like android application development and iOS application development services to travel agencies around the world.

In this case study MobileAPPtelligence explains why a car rental company should implement a vehicle booking system app to expand it’s operations beyond its core business of car hire.

As luxury buses of reputed companies like Volvo, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, etc, are hitting the road, more and more people turn to bus travel , instead of domestic flights and trains. Night bus journeys are getting popularity, since they don’t waste time! Many resort to car rentals to go places.

Physical bus booking and car rental offices had mushroomed, but the computer-savvy people prefer online booking of buses and car rentals. Now they want to book vehicles ‘on the go’. So your travel agency can think about hiring a reputed mobile application development company like MobileAPPtelligence to build a vehicle booking app for the benefit of your customers who regularly book vehicles. You will get more business and profit too. Moreover, an app will be more cost-effective than having physical booking offices everywhere.

MobileAPPtelligence’s bus online booking system solution is a class of its own. Your customers can book bus tickets on the go. Text message will be sent to the customer as soon as he pays for the journey. You can provide him oodles of buses to choose from. Images of the buses can also be included.

MobileAPPtelligence’s car rental online booking system solution has already become popular in India and abroad. We can build car rental reservation engine for small travel agencies or travel booking giants It gives you to have entire control of the commissions and the users at both the ends. We will, according to your suggestions, integrate car rental aggregators like CarTrawler, connect airlines, hotel groups and online travel brands in real time to car rental agents at thousands of locations.

You can get contact details and know the travelling and booking behavior of your clients so that you can inform them about discounts, new services, etc.

Our Solution

After studying the requirement,MobileAPPtelligence provided the solution to overcome the challenges. The iPhone and Android application was developed using the COCOA Touch ,Apple Push Notification (APN),Mapkit etc.


  • Search limos by four efficient way – From Airport , To Airport, Point to Point and Hourly
  • Car list display with details
  • Easy address selection by google map
  • Airport search results by current location
  • Search car with multiple features
  • Multiple language support
  • Book a limo from app itself



  • Android SDK
  • Android Push Notifications
  • Facebook API implementation
  • Limocart API implementation
  • Google Map API integration
  • iPhone SDK
  • Cocoa Touch


End Result

The applications were published for free to download in Apple store and in Google Play Store. The apps became an effective marketing strategy to reach the more audience.

To know more about travel-products-and-services-booking apps development, please visit . You can call us at +91.8880321321 and email us

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Androd Wear – A new app branding platform for entrepreneurs and android app development company

App Development Company
MobileAPPtelligence being a leading Android app development company specializes in providing smart and unique Android app development solutions catering to diverse client requirements and is proficient in Android Application Development and has successfully deployed numerous android apps in diverse business area.
In March 2014, Google launched Android Wear. With the releases of the Android-powered LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, there came oodles of apps got ready for Wear. New introductions like offline music playback and GPS support to Android Wear were introduced. Sony SmartWatch 3, with transflective display and GPS sensor, will soon join the Android bandwagon.
As the name Wear suggests, this system is dedicated to the connected and “portable” devices powered by the Android ecosystem. In short, Android Wear is a lighter version of the Android mobile operating system. The interface and user experience are optimized for viewing on alternative devices such as a watch, for example.
Strategically, it is crucial for Google to impose a standard on connected devices. Google therefore seeks to use the power of the Android ecosystem to “harmonize” the market. Indeed, smartwatches existed for several years, as Pebble or Sony players. The same goes for Samsung, which already offers its range of watches with its own operating system, Tizen, but has struggled to attract developers.
Android Wear is now available in a very preliminary version, which can give a taste of the future system, but which still lacks a number of essential building blocks, such as voice command whose API is not yet available. Mobile app development team at MOBILEAPPTELLIGENCE is anticipating Android Developer Tool, based on Eclipse, to make apps for Android Wear. Android Wear has already got updated for offline music playback and support for GPS
The reduced dimensions of a watch induce a new user-interface model. This is why Android Wear revolves around two central features that are “recommendation” and “demand”.
Although promising, Android Wear has some drawbacks. It is a system dedicated primarily to non-autonomous objects, which therefore require interaction with an Android smartphone. It will not be possible to use the services of Google Now without this connection with the smartphone. This is the main limitation of the concept. The issue of battery life has not been raised either.
Android Wear is prepared for providing wearable experiences for existing Android apps. Mobile app developers at MOBILEAPPTELLIGENCE TECHNOSOFT take note of this point when they design new Android apps for clients.

New version of Chrome on iOS and improved workflow for mobile applications in Chrome

Google brought two new features, in September 2014, regarding Chrome for mobile devices. The launch of the new version of Chrome for iOS, which takes advantage of the new feature extensions in iOS, so that you can now interact with other applications sharing content. The second feature focuses on the improved workflow development and WebView updates to Chrome apps for mobiles.


Chrome apps for mobile is a project based on Apache Cordova which enables applications to run Chrome on Android and iOS devices, offering a native application layer around the application Chrome. It is for distribution through Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The new version of Chrome apps for mobile includes APIs for Chrome identity permission for the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and rich notifications, plus an improved workflow skills development and modern WebView extended to earlier versions of Android.

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Regarding the improvement of workflow development for Chrome apps for mobile is now much faster and easier, because developers will see an instant preview of applications on Chrome they are editing directly on Android and iOS devices. This new live deploy feature will help the mobile app developer to work fast. If you make any changes to your code, you will see the result immediately. The live display is available in Chrome Dev Editor (CDE) and Live the Chrome Apps for Mobile command line tool.

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Google Chrome’s toolchain offers a Cordova command line tool, workflow and other helpers which help in many tasks like properly formatting icons and splash screens to iOS and Android specs. Basically, it assists developers to create mobile apps based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, without having to rewrite in native languages such as Java for Android or Objective-C for iOS.

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XMLVM – Cross Platform mobile app development tool

XMLVM is a flexible and extensible cross-compiler toolchain. It is an open source framework began in 2003. It is a tool that launches mobile apps to various platforms. It provides all of the Java tools for debugging.



You no longer need to cross-compile on a source code plane. XMLVM will cross-compile byte code instructions from Sun Microsystem’s virtual machine and Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime. It also provides two compatibility libraries, Android Compat-Lib and Cocoa Compat-Lib.

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The advantage of this process is that byte code instructions are more effortless to cross-compile and the complicated parsing of a high-level programming language is resorted to a regular compiler. In XMLVM, byte code-based programs are embodied as XML documents. This facilitates manipulation and translation of XMLVM-based programs using sophisticated XML technologies such as XSLT, XQuery, and XPath.

In XML11, XMLVM is used as part of the XML11 project in which Java applications are cross-compiled to AJAX applications. SF-Movies application was developed as a desktop application using Java and cross-compiled using XMLVM to an AJAX application. iPhone Simulator is a Java-only version of the Cocoa library which can be run as a Java applet. Xokoban is an Android application playing with the Java iPhone Simulator.

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AbsurdEngine is an XMLVM-based framework for building native Android and iOS games from the same Java code. It offers amultithreaded game engine with fairy graphics and ample access to device-specific identifiers.

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XMLVM is a flexible cross-compilation framework. XMLVM is a flexible cross-compilation framework. You can cross-compile an Android application to HTML5 using XMLVM and emscripten. XMLVM was used to cross-compile the Android app to C code using Posix/SDL API and emscripten generated the HTML5.


Hire Android App Developers for Android -5.0 Lollipop


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Google’s most exciting OS ever- with Android 5.0 Lollipop has attracted lot of consumers to rush for the new platform. Google just launched the preview build of Android L for Android App Development.

Top-Mobile-Developers, an award winning Android app Development Company guides you with it’s new features.

Customized Push notifications: Push notifications have been more easy in Android L by giving users new ways to control when and how they receive messages.

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User can fine tune and filter the notifications as per his convenience.

Better battery life

Device sharing capability:Lollipop now gives users the ability to set up multiple users. You can set up guest users for phones and tablets who cannot see your files when they are using your phones or tablets.

Security: new Lollipop devices will come with encryption automatically turned on to protect data, and there’s also SELinux enforcing for all applications, which means Android will be better protected against malware. Android is also implementing a new Android Smart Lock feature to better secure your phone or tablet; the feature will pair your device with another trusted device (like an Android Wear smartwatch) and only unlock when the two are paired.

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Thus the new OS is also introducing better quick settings, improved connectivity and even faster runtime and performance. deliver custom android apps using latest tool Android L including the latest features like NFC. We also place dedicated android developers (android application developers) at offshore for worldwide clients.

Android L navigation icons provide great look and feel. A circle takes you home, square for presently running apps. I very much liked this innovative design. Novel keyboard fascinates the user. Predictive text is more intelligent and really predicts! Menu system is more neat and tidy. It somewhat imitates Apple in this regard. Tap a notification and it jumps to the forefront and casts a shadow. It is nice.

Use the SDK to unlock the bootloader and overwrite the OS and run a batch command on your desktop to download the relevant file to the smartphone. Android L set-up process is quick, and takes less than half an hour

User interface of Android L is almost flat and good to look at. The new version adds to battery life too with new battery monitoring tools.

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When your small business is deciding to have a mobile app, your current business approach, your call-to-actions, your competitors, and your customers engagement and response all have to be considered in depth. First we’ll see how a mobile application development can add value to your business.

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More cross platform app development tools gives challenge for native app development

In the modern scenario, businesses also have to classify their customers on the basis of the mobile platforms they use. They’ve to encounter the need to develop mobile applications to each of the platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, BlackBerry …) used by their customers.


Since many years, solutions which are able to develop cross-platform mobile applications have been emerging and are increasingly used by developers.

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Three models of mobile app development

  • Web applications

Web applications are, as their name suggests, simple websites that have been made compatible to mobile devices thanks to the principles of Adaptive Design and / or Responsive Design. These are displayed directly on the device’s Internet browser (smartphone, tablet, computer …).

  • Hybrid applications

Hybrid applications are a model that has made ​​its appearance a few years ago and corresponds to a web application running in web views embedded within a native application.

The implementation of this model requires the use of frameworks such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript with well-known development tools such as PhoneGap, Sencha or jQuery. Windows desktop client applications such as DevExpress, Telerik, ComponentOne publishers, etc … were also made ​​to provide frameworks for creating web applications and hybrid applications to mobile platforms.

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  • Native applications

To take full advantage of a platform and have the best performance, mobile app developers have been developing native applications (which do not run in a web browser ). This model makes it possible for the mobile app to access all the features (hardware and software) of the given platform.

Although originally, it was required to use the tools and development languages ​​available at the manufacturers (Xcode and Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and Eclipse, Visual Studio and .NET for Windows Phone / Windows 8 …), independent publishers have sought ways to circumvent it.

Thus, several solutions have emerged on the market including Appcelerator Xamarin which allow, via tools and a single programming language, to produce native applications that can run on multiple platforms.

With Xamarin, you can create applications for Windows, Android and iOS using C # language created at the base by Microsoft for its .NET platform. Appcelerator uses Javascript to achieve the same result.

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Cross-platform development tools a challenge for native development?

Which one we should choose –cross platform or native? There is no easy answer for this type of question and it depends on the primarily skills currently held by the developers and the needs of the app. Native applications still provide a better user-experience and hassle-free performance. But cross platform applications offer better re-usability of code across platforms. For cash-rich companies, mobile app development companies still offer to build native apps.

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iOS App Development through Swift Programming

iPhone app developers india

Now with the help of Xcode, Swift, and the iOS SDK one can develop world class iOS based applications for all Mac devices like iPhone , iPad, Mac desktops etc.



Once you set up Xcode, structuring your app and implementing everything would be lot easier.

Though Objective–C is the traditional programming language which is used for iOS mobile app development but apple’s new programming language, Swift, is made specifically for iOS and Macs which has more features and developer friendly, easy-to-use.

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Swift is actually derived from Objective-C with cleaner syntax and coding standards that makes APIs even easier to read and maintain.

Swift has many other features to make your code more expressive:

Closures unified with function pointers

Tuples and multiple return values

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Fast and concise iteration over a range or collection

Structs that support methods, extensions, protocols.

Functional programming patterns, e.g.: map and filter

Design a new algorithm for Playgrounds with the help of Swift, watching its results every step of the way which is simple and have lots of fun.

The debugging console in Xcode includes an interactive version of the Swift language built right in. Use Swift syntax to evaluate and interact with your running app, or write new code to see how it works in a script-like environment.

The syntax codes are much simpler in Swift programming language with only 3 character word. It eliminates all the unsafe code, Variables are always initialized before use, arrays and integers are checked for overflow, and memory is managed automatically. The safe patterns in Swift are tuned for the powerful Cocoa and Cocoa Touch APIs. Understanding and properly handling cases where objects are nil is fundamental to the frameworks, and Swift code makes this extremely easy.

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Swift code is fast with incredibly high-performance LLVM compiler and uses most of the native code of Mac, iPhone and iPad hardware.

With the release of iPhone6 you can submit your new iOS app in Apple and mac store to attract new customers.

You can also hire a Hire iOS developer for iPhone , iPod and iPad Development from Mobileapptelligence’s experienced and skilled team.

Our iPhone app developer and iPad app developer are all well-versed in the entire technical resources in the iOS development centre, like videos, sample code, technical documentation, and Apple Developer Forums. Each of our iOS app developers are skilled in all the development tools in the iOS SDK: Xcode, Swift iOS Simulator, Instruments, Interface builder. View stats

The iOS developer for iPhone, iPod and iPad you hire from us will work up to eight hours per day, six days a week. Billing will be done on monthly basis. We will provide you timesheet for precise time-tracking. If you want extra working hours, you can purchase it at any time.

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