Mobile Application development ensured by enterprise security to reduce risks.

Mobile application development is evoking risk for the enterprise security, and the threat is growing day by day. Mobile security issues are not new. For years, we are the part of mobile devices in the workplace spreading bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and political challenges. But only now the full outline of the challenge for mobile security has been identified. There are too many mobile apps that it is hard to be managed properly. As Karen A. Frenkel, CIO Insight said more than 1.5 million mobile applications available on the Apple App Store from June 2015 has outgrown over 3,00,000 of them last year. This level of software output “would have been unthinkable during the PC era,” Frenkel observed.

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The software market has been completely redesigned. A few years back most people lived in a PC-centric world of information with a very few software applications. There were only large integrated packages like Microsoft Office. They might have had security problems, but they were able to sort it out. Those days are gone. Mobile security providers will now analyze thousands of applications and its vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit. Then they would publish it to the app stores for users to download.

Vetting Struggles to Keep Up with the Pace of Development

Among the mobile app developed so far, DevOps applications is the new agile culture and development. Remember when did software versions came to a static pace, every six months to two years? Millions of applications could not have been developed in this manner. But now web browsers have a application development delivery cycle in a specified number of weeks. The applications are assembled and pushed through the door in a hurry, only in stores before the next beta version is ready. This adds to the fact that hundreds and thousands of mobile applications-most tested about security-floating on the edges of the enterprise network, loaded on personal devices of employees or even live on the company’s devices. With more and more corporate data in mobile app, the probability of an issue is inevitable.


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In fact, a survey by IDG and Lookout was conducted and it was found that 74 percent of respondents said their organizations had suffered issues due to mobile app insecurity. With uncertain Wi-Fi connections, the main causes of these incidents were vulnerabilities or malware application security.

Mobile application security draws more attention and investment, but for the challenge of mobile applications security may have a simple cause-many applications-it has no easy solution. The applications are out there and use employee. Companies should use mobile security strategies to protect more rigorous control over the data from the white list of the application is more overwhelmed by the avalanche of requests.

Which are the top app development technologies used in United States, India and Mexico?

Mobile app development services have seen tectonic technological changes over last few years. The growth has been massive. In the broad overview – android development, iOS development, windows development, cross platform mobile development and web mobile development are used. America and Asia are top growing regions for mobility.

5 Tips to Improve Social Media Engagement of your App.

In today’s digital world social media engagement is an important element to be considered by app developers. It is easier to market the apps with social components in it. App developers have to leverage the power of social media channels so that the app becomes a success. Many mobile apps are developed but most of them have very less customer engagement. In order to avoid that, it should be shared across various social media websites.

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Social Media Engagement

Here are 5 tips to improve social media engagement of app.

Build an app with social media integration:

Apps with social media engagement gain high visibility than those with less engagement. A social app requires social interaction for proper functioning. Some of the game apps allow the player to invite friends to join him through social media channels. The main idea behind this is to invite other people and thereby make more people use the application. If your app is social media integrated, then you can easily connect your app with online friends and enhance the app’s promotion.

Incorporate logins through Facebook or Google Plus:

It is highly beneficial for your app to have easy login through Facebook or Google Plus. It is convenient for users to login using any of these logins and it help to gain traction. It enables the users to share the app or in-app activities and invite friends to use it. It would be extremely beneficial for the app developers because social media logins can act as the best way to give publicity to the app.

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Social media sharing within the app:

It will help the user to share specific activity within the app to the public. For eg: You can share your score in the video game, Criminal Case among your friends on various social media channels. Instagram is integrated to Facebook. This allows you to upload your filtered photos to Instagram and share that on Facebook too. Social sharing shouldn’t be overbearing. Hence, app developers should pave attention in giving the most logical space for sharing within the app.

Build a community for your app:

Once the application is launched, it takes time to gain the attention of the users. Every app will be targeting a set of audience. Therefore, the promotion of the app should be managed through social media channels. You can create a Facebook page or upload images to Instagram by back linking the contents to respective app or website. If you are running an offer or any sort of promotional activity, this information can be easily conveyed to your audience through these pages. That is most effective way of promotional activity conducted so far.

Impact of content marketing:

The consistent approach towards creating quality content with well-managed SEO can act as a powerful tool for improving the brand awareness of your app. The content should be knitted in a way to suit the target audience. This helps in driving organic results for the users when they search in the App Store for the desired application.

Social media marketing is a new genre in the history of advertising. Keep these tips in your mind when you develop a social app with required sharing features.

How mobile commerce/mcommerce initiatives are helping online retailers and web stores?

Global ecommerce industry is growing leaps and bounds by the help of mobile ecommerce technology. Online retailers are seeing more orders through mobile rather than web version,  thus pushing demand of mobile app development companies to next level.

Below are the four key parameters, driving the growth for ecommerce domain through mobility and online payment systems. India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria are seeing great movement in this sector.

Why marketing of mobile app is important for your business development & growth?

Mobile applications are as effective as its scope. It is the reality of marketing, no matter the quality of your campaign, it’s the service that makes it a success. To ensure that your mobile application gives ROI, it is important to invest in a well-designed marketing strategy. The marketing of your business app is as important as its development phase.

Mobile app marketing

Here are some of the factors to be considered before you make a marketing plan for your application:

Audience Analysis

If you have not identified your core audience, you will never reach its sales target. The first thing is that the application should be designed for the target customers. So, a thorough analysis of the market and the scope of your mobile app should be known.  

Here are some factors to be considered:

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Tech-Savviness
  • Industry

Never Ignore Keywords

Visibility in the app store is a major factor to get maximum downloads. Usage of keywords can help in this process. At least 63% of iOS users search for biological applications, and a huge 83% of all iOS applications are “zombie applications” that are basically invisible in organic search of App Store. These statistics underscore the importance of keyword research and optimization. Your mobile app should be aimed at attracting organic traffic to your site. It would be possible by examining industry trends and keep abreast of the optimization strategy of app store.

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Build an Online Presence

Strengthen the online presence of your application as much as possible, emphasizing its website and integrate it into their other marketing channels. You can even go for the creation of a complete website for the application itself. These are some of the most detailed facts to be considered as follows:

Landing page: Dedicate a page on your website front-end for your mobile app. It includes links to downloads or you can scan the QR codes that take visitors directly to the App Store list. Focus on customer benefits such as cost savings and insider trading products in addition to the simple listing of features. Screenshots and promotional videos are big selling points as well.

Blog articles: Send regular updates to show the taste of your business blog. After launch, continue to share the latest updates on features and ideas of the users to capture the attention of new customers.

Flags: Web design banners with links that carry essential information and links through content to an action, such as the download link or release blog application.

Emails: Add periodical update to the email application for mobile campaigns. You can delete the content of your landing page and restate it for the smooth running of the marketing campaign.

Plan App Launch

Put your app’s launch day on the calendar and start advertising its “App official release” for current and potential customers. Create a media buzz around social media, promising exclusive offers and puzzles on shipping away. When launch day comes, offer special deals to the first user downloads. Before you come to know about it, you will have hundreds of customers with your application in their hands.

Listen to your Customers

In the early stages of the release of the application, listen carefully to customer feedback. It helps to understand a form of application response or the user interface of the website. Read regular review on App Store and ask loyal customers’ positive reviews. Pay attention to the most common complaints. Keep communication channels open in the long run, so you can continue to review and improve the performance of your application and ultimately provide a better service to the user.

Consider Videos

Videos are a great way to demonstrate the implementation capacities of your application. They go beyond the experience provided by the words and images. A real insight into the user experience can be portrayed well through a video. Create a short promotional video on the user interface of the application but avoid the production of poor quality videos. With short, clear videos, you can popularize your application on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. At all costs, no video is better than poor quality video, and if you do not have the resources to devote to this, then you’d better stick to print ads or social media marketing. The clip may not go viral, but it is likely for your apps to get downloads and add a dose of professionalism along the way.

These are the major aspects to be considered before marketing the business app developed for business enrichment. Make your customers aware of the latest developments you have made to provide better experience to your customers.

Why global companies are hiring Android App Developers in India on hourly or monthly contract?

Pricing, availability and quality – all the three parameters are matched. Search the google and you will find out number of android developers and iphone developers, developing native and cross platform mobile apps for different business verticals. You have to ensure that mobile developer or the mobile apps development company, which you shortlist, will be able to deliver the app to your expectations. You need a professional partner, which delivers you a great product to keep you ahead of competition.