What are the various kinds of mobile app development?

Every application has its own purpose. It can be different with various objectives. So it is hard to categorize apps within under a few headings. Some apps are halfway between two categories and here we have described how to categorize apps.

Promotional applications

The motivation behind why these portable applications exist needs to do with client dedication, i.e. motivating him to devour a greater amount of our products or services. These applications naturally give discount coupons to their clients, send solicitations to limited time occasions, run challenges and even elevate aggregating credits to recover blessings and prizes.

Business directory

The reason for these portable applications is to be a digital directory.

These applications contain a rundown of an organization’s stores with data on the most proficient method to discover them. They even consolidate geolocation with Google Maps or different maps to direct us towards their areas. Many additionally grab this as a chance to educate the client about selective offers relying upon where he is. Empowering association with informal communities is likewise extremely normal among these applications, which is a decent approach to advance the brand’s online nearness.

Android App Development

Mobile App Development Company

An online or m-commerce store

Many lines on our blog have been as of now gave to disclosing how to make an m-commerce store. In any case, for straightforwardness we’ll simply say that it’s empowering on the web and versatile access to your list to permit clients to make buys by the method for the installment door you have picked and afterward select among shipment alternatives (messenger, gathering focuses, store get, and so forth).

Quiz games

Amusements are the most downloaded and utilized sort of applications, so getting the wind and making an application for your organization can be an exceptionally sharp thought. Making a kind of trivia diversion to advance client faithfulness and entertainment is a decent alternative. For a silver screen, for instance, building up an application as a film buff trivia diversion may be a fabulous thought.

Branding games − games related to the brand or company

We’re alluding to Advergaming, a sort of amusement advancement that spotlights on including business-related components (partner them to characters, sets, plot, and so on.) like, for instance, the organization’s logo, some of its items or even an acclaimed worker or individual from the organization. The application’s motivation in these cases is not concentrating on the brand and deals − which are currently optional perspectives − but instead making a diversion that improves the organization’s picture and marking while expanding its nearness in cell phones.

Take advantage of what augmented reality has to offer

There are a few approaches. These range from actualizing it in an amusement to consolidating it into the shopping background.

Applications like Ikea’s index permit us to see through AR how one of its household items would look like in our own parlor. What’s more, even cosmetics brands have created apps such as L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius that show us our appearance after applying different cosmetics without having to carry out any real testing. This model can be extended to decoration, clothing, shoes, handbags and sunglasses among other products. Tourism applications can let us discover where to find a cafe, the purpose or history of a particular building, find out how much will the entrance of a museum cost, buy such entrance, etc.

For tourists

With or without Augmented Reality the truth is that creating a mobile tourist guide can be a good thing for your business. Usually, these apps are based on interactive maps that highlight landmarks, show their location and display the route to reach them. It can be very useful for hotels and hostels in a given area and also for restaurants.

Tourism departments can also make good use of these apps to offer new content through check-ins or QR codes. Good examples of this are the Repsol Guide and the Michelin Guide.


Applications for specific events with information on the activities that are going to take place, downloading documentation, etc.

In any case, this has been a classification of the kinds of standard apps, although there are actually many companies that decide to invest in developing hybrid mobile applications, blending together more than one of these categories.

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