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Developing Android applications is on rising. Every enterprise is working hard to do better than others. Same way, competition between Android app maker is also getting hot. They are competing to provide best in class android apps to their clients to keep them ahead of the curve. The global businesses are also collaborating with these android application development companies to stay ahead of the competition. Google Android OS, which tops as per the users among the mobile OS, is the top choice of companies to connect to all kind of clients.

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A professional Android application development company will be well-versed in design, development, testing, and publishing. He can not only create a better app, but also can tell you about the value added features, which you can provide to your mobile app users. He can also suggest you about going for a cross platform mobile app or stay native.


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Android OS by itself is giving a lot of direct visitors through google play. A right application can definitely connect a right chord to end users. As there are already several Android apps available on all the generic concept, expect Android app developer can definitely tell you, how to beat the expectations. Best in class UIs and great functionality can assure growth to your business and improve conversion rate.

A robust Android app can definitely display your products in a better way. It is not only a tool to promote the business but a brand recalls too. User experience, which is a key for the success of any Android app, combining with robust functionalities, definitely takes the lead. This is something, only a well-experienced Android app developer can do.  

To choose a right android app developer, you must go through the entire app portfolio. You must review the mobile apps from the end user perspective, rather than only looking through a functional perspective. If the portfolio contains cross-platform and native apps, which you really appreciate, then you may be talking to the right android app developer.

A professional Android app developer will always go through the business concept before starting the project. After that, he will work on wireframes. If the wireframes are perfectly fine, then the actual design work gets started. After the UIs, programming starts, followed by testing and beta release. Your app will certainly “CLICK” if engagement is there.

Regarding Author:

The author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.

About MobileAPPtelligence

Mobileapptelligence creates next generation native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. We have clients and partners all over the world, entrusting us to devise and execute their mobile application development & deployment strategies. Being a leading mobile application development company, our team works with clients closely to develop and deliver best in class mobile apps. Custom UI/UX with robust functional logic, sets a great end user experience and thus more conversions. Every aspect of our mobile application development process is associated with user behavioral and online downloads data, driving great visibility and user hits to clients' mobile apps.
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