Have you ever thought of building an iOS or Android app for your business?

In order to make a wise decision in 2017, we suggest you to take a look at the following comparison of Android vs iOS development platforms, including the latest information and statistics on market share, profitability, market access time And many other ideas.

Market share and users

But there is more data from Kantar Worldpanel, you should consider in 2017:

iOS devices have achieved growth in most of the regions except Germany and Urban China. Japan was the area in which Apple had the largest share in 2016 with 51.7% of smartphone sales, followed by the United Kingdom – 44% and the United States – 40.5%.

It while Android holds 57.9% of the US market, are now down in their fifth consecutive year.

But in October 2016, Android got 75.2% of EU5 smartphone sales. iOS could achieve only 21.2%. The markets are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Android (82.6%) also achieved a great market share in Brazil (94.4%), Mexico (91.9%) and China.

Due to the variety of devices and pricing options as shown by the data, Android has more consumers in the major emerging economies. This year, the company also recorded the strongest growth in the EU 5 markets.

However, Apple manages to maintain a strong customer base in established markets and highly paying communities. It also remains the most desirable smartphone brand in the world. The development for iOS also means more potential revenue, if you decide to make a paid product, that iPhone users will pay 2.5 times more money on applications than Android lovers.


The following is a brief overview of iOS users who pay for applications, the spending report on country basis. And here are some strange results you need to know:

  • Android users like digital utility applications (launchers, anti-virus applications, power amplifiers, etc.) and pay and, in fact, who are willing to spend five times more than iOS users too
  • If you want to develop an application for mobile shopping, you first need the iOS development platform


  • Application fees or create premium? Build first for iOS.
  • Use of emerging markets? An Android application For more take here.

In short: study your target group and sound your target audience for your first gadget settings.

Process and development tools

Xcode IDE iOS SDK will use to create applications for Apple products. Xcode supports several programming languages ​​but Swift has been a better option lately and will remain under iOS developers in 2017 this way.

Some commonly characterized by programmers to use on Swift Objective-C benefits:

  • It is easier to read.
  • It is easier to maintain.
  • It is safer.
  • In fact requires less code to write (and does)
  • It is faster.
  • It allows a better integration of open source projects to build.
  • It supports dynamic libraries.

Swift also works with Cocoa Touch – a pure structural element API user interface iOS.

One of the common disadvantages of this is that Xcode only works on Mac. So, yes, its developers have a MacBook to build an application for iOS. Although, of course, there are solutions managed under Windows Xcode.

Android developers should go directly to Android Studio – the official IDE platform and take Android SDK and AVD as you can test your applications.

Java is the most important programming language you use. Bonus point if you are already familiar with it.

Which platform is easier to code? There is no right answer to that question. It comes to the developer experience down.

Development guidelines

In fact, Android developers need to build a great application more time. Explore the Infinum to display:

Lines of code

Android developers need to write a code plus about 40%. Yes, much of the code is generated automatically, but still needs to be properly tested and debugged.

Business hours

Here too, Android developers spend work project on average 28% more time for the iOS developer.



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