How mobile apps will provide real-time travel information for the customers?

Do you remember the hardships you went through before travel planning? For both business and leisure, travel has become very convenient these days. We are aided with digital tools which are accessible with our palms.

Travelers faced many issues in the olden days. Documentation, finding routes to destinations, conversing with natives and so on. These have been wiped away by GPS facility and various other travel applications. If these were some of the major issues long time back, and even more complicated issues are now being tackled easily by smartphones and travel apps.

Mobile app provides real-time information on location with the help of GPS correction algorithm. The travelling routes can be shared among friends and families and they can track your routes through Google earth integration. Our app shows information regarding the visited destinations, present location, videos, photos, comments and notes on your travel. Though the app is real-time, your information can be shared, then and there.


Mobile App Development Company

Photos can also be shared straight from the application through Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, and videos can be directly uploaded to YouTube. Photo and video comments that are linked with media are uploaded to your favorite sharing portals as well.

Use GPS tweeting to quickly inform your friends on your current position, which can be instantly viewed by everyone on Google Maps. As media sharing is also integrated with Twitter, it is now easy to inform people on your newest photo albums, uploaded while vacationing.

Location Sensing and Motion sensor

All the smartphones have motion sensors and location sensor that helps in giving the different information about the location. So the apps should be developed in a way that it can detect the location of the user especially when you use car rental apps, food ordering apps and so on. Motion sensing apps are used in security, anti-theft, power-saving and games. Location sensing is useful in Geotagging, Games, Vehicle navigation, and fitness apps.

Geomagnetism, ultrasonic beacons and imaging are the current technologies used by apps for exploring the indoor location of your space.  In future more advanced technologies like smart lighting will be prominent as well.





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