Retailers are developing android app with push notifications to take max advantage of footfalls.

Retail apps are for customer retention and to be used by regular customers. Adobe’ s Digital Publishing Report points out that mobile device users respond positively on retail apps and 45% of mobile owners use apps instead of browsers to search purchasing items.

Build Mobile App with Push Notifications, Connect Us –

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Another report shows that shoppers who use a retailer’s dedicated mobile app are 21% more likely to convert while in the store.

In the modern business scenario, retailers have to enter a long-term partnership with mobile application design companies, with a view to achieve the following.

1. To create customer loyalty by getting smart, innovated apps that bring forth value for the customer.

2. To facilitate research and purchase of your retail items in-store and out.

Some reasons for creating a mobile app are the following

Shoppers get high on useful mobile retail apps

Creating a mobile shopping app is relatively easy with a good mobile applications development company

Many of the retailers already have a mobile app

Along with developing an app, you should also get a firm to optimize your website for mobile.

While the mobile device penetration is rising in an incredible manner, a mobile retail application is literally indispensable to your retail company. Mobile commerce has come to stay and will grow to gigantic proportions in the coming years. Retailers cannot afford not having a mobile-optimized site and a mobile app of their own.

A good mobile apps development company can help the retailer to gain today’s mobile buyer interest, loyalty and shopping power.

More over the company can provide your app many features like Check-in, with associated offers/coupons; In-store navigation; Product scanner; and Mobile payment and loyalty scheme. We can also increase sales in your physical stores with features like Store finder; Product ratings and reviews; and Ecommerce functionality: order and shipment notifications; magazine-style features and content.




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