What are the guiding principles for long-term success in app development?

What are the guiding principles for long-term success in app development?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

There are certain strategies which can be adopted by the company while they design an app for creating long-term success. They are as follows:

Solving a Real Problem

This simply means that your app should be built in compliance with the real knowledge of the user. The app should be developed by keeping in mind that it is for real users. Hence, you should know how your product can solve their real problems. This thought should be the base on which your app has to be developed. This can also provide guidance to create an error-free app.

Practicing Scalable Design

Scalable design invites changes that are going to happen for the app in the future. For that, the product roadmap has to be considered. Navigation menus are mostly benefited out of this design. If you take Facebook’s app, they use tab navigation for core features and a side menu for the rest of the features. This really helps in the re-designing of the app at any time.

Gathering and Analyzing User Feedback

The benefit of MVP is that it helps in gathering and analyzing the user feedback and data to evaluate the product you sell. Always customers’ interest is the priority of the company and any change in their interests can alter the business.

Monitoring and responding to the interests of the user are the way towards ensuring customer satisfaction and thereby improving the good will of the company. From the valuable feedback collected from the user, further alterations can be made on the UI.

Releasing and Often Updating

The easiest way to ensure the irrelevance of your app development is through generating updates and releases quite often. It is mandatory to ensure that every release is accompanied by added value to the user. The method of “fail-fast design” (releases quickly, test, iterate) is what many of the best teams in product use, including Facebook and Spotify.

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What are the guiding principles for long-term success in app development?

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