What are the steps you need to follow while developing an iOS app?

What are the steps you need to follow while developing an iOS app?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

The recent launch of newest iPhone 7 has created quite a buzz in the market. And the latest iOS upgrade has reduced the gap between the iOS and android from the developers' perspective. iOS is the mobile operating system that powers the devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

iPhone applications are developed using Objective-C, X-code in Cocoa Touch framework. Being one of the best iPhone application development companies, we deliver high-performance iPhone & iPad apps to meet the business objectives while leveraging the best of iOS capabilities.

We deal in iPhone Apps development in various categories including location based application, enterprise application, instant messaging application, audio and video streaming apps, event management apps, news based application, mobile commerce application, photo sharing application, digital publishing service, and social networking application. We use the tools like JSON, XCODE. iOS VIRTUAL MACHINE and iOS SIMULATORS to develop iPhone application development.

Our app development process follows the given steps:

App plan & proposal: We study the quote request, collect ideas and translate it into the comprehensive proposal.

Prototype/Wireframe Layout: In this step, designs and prototype layout are tested for feasibility.

Designing & Approval: Once our design team gets the approval for the design, they start the process of mobile app design instantly.

Development: During this phase, developers carry out coding for the development process.

Quality Assurance: Quality analysts and software testers work together to ensure the usability of the app and make it bug-free.

App Launch & Support: After the app passes the quality assurance step, the app is launched in the digital environment.

iPhone App Developer

What are the steps you need to follow while developing an iOS app?


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