What are the factors to be considered while you design an app?

What are the factors to be considered while you design an app?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

Great mobile apps invariably have three core ingredients – design, function, and experience of the end user. Therefore, mobile app design is one of the key factors that drive the app in the market. Following are some of the important points that should be taken care while designing a mobile app.

Study the Target Audience: It is important to study the users for whom the app is targeted. Suppose, if the users are college students then the app would be build keeping in mind of latest trend otherwise the users may lose interest. Similarly, if it is a business app then it needs to be as simple as possible because the users (professionals) would have little time to study complex functionalities.

Finger-Friendly Design: Apps are used by tapping with fingers which are thicker than the pixel-precise mouse cursors. Therefore, care should be taken while designing a mobile app that it provides enough space for users to tap with fingers. If space is little and buttons are very small then users would not be able to use the app properly resulting in frustration and ultimately abandonment.

Fonts and Sizes: Regarding fonts, perfect separations between titles, subtitles, and content with bold, italic, colors, and sizes should be given utmost attention. Tiny adjustments in the mini-space of apps can make a huge difference. Ultimately, it’s the fonts which determine the actual look and feel of your mobile app.

UI/UX Design: UI/UX should follow the right approach. Android, iOS, and Windows have design guidelines that comprise different design styles. When creating app’s UI/UX, develop it efficient enough for your expert users, and informative and simple enough for novice users.

Navigation: Easy and simple navigation make an app successful. Don’t focus on aesthetics at the cost of functionality and intuitiveness. Navigation is not the place to experiment your new ideas.

Colour & Contrast: Ensure that the contrast and color schemes are impressive, beautiful, and contribute to the overall ease of using the app. But don’t use too many colors, particularly when designing an icon and theme.

Overall, mobile app design is of paramount importance, while planning an app. Imagine yourself in place of an end user for designing an attractive and user-friendly app.

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What are the factors to be considered while you design an app?


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