What are the best and the worst travel apps of 2016?

What are the best and the worst travel apps of 2016?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

The Application Resource Center (ARC) has found distinction between both best and worst travel apps. It released third annual report by focusing specifically on applications rating.

Best travel apps of 2016

After analyzing more than 50,000 reviews, the apps which were identified as the highly quality tested and used were given scores; GasBuddy (85.0), Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals (84.0), Groupon (82.5), Waze by Google, TripAdvisor (74.0), Yelp (67.5).

Gasbuddy’s outstanding score is meaningful. This app is really useful for the travelers because there would be no one who doesn’t want to miss the chance of buying cheap priced gas. Its attributes are a wide array of qualities like easy, useful, fun, simple and highly recommendable.

Among all the travel apps Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals is frequently being used by travelers. It is because of the stability exhibited in performance. Groupon was recognized for its high usability rate, pricing, satisfaction and performance. The major facts that make Waze stand out in the competition is the content and interoperability of this application. Content and the elegance exhibited by TripAdvisor makes it favorite too. Customer delight and usability with simple features make Yelp one of the best travel apps in the app market.

Worst Travel Apps of 2016

It was surprising to find that certain travel apps were not serving their users. When the travel market is facing stiff competition, it is important for the companies to generate highly interesting apps to support their business enrichment. Among the 10,000 reviews analyzed 8 apps scored less than 50 scores. They are as follows:

Foursquare (48.5) [Android | iOS], Expedia (47.0) [Android | iOS], GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic (46.5) [Android | iOS], Zomato (fmr. Urbanspoon) (42.5) [Android | iOS], Ola (40.5) [Android | iOS], Delta Air Lines (35.5) [Android | iOS], Southwest Airlines (25.5) [Android | iOS].

These applications need to undergo optimizations which favor best mobile moments. Functional testing and security audits can help these apps to identify the issues and improve the user rating.

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What are the best and the worst travel apps of 2016?


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