How do I get hired by startup for android app development?

My answer to How do I get hired by startup for android app development?

Answer by Ganga Bhahirathi:

In India startups are growing tremendously. With the introduction of Start up India, an action plan put forwarded by the Government of India helps many aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business. Technology companies have blooming like never. Many app developers are gaining good opportunities in some of the major players in the industry. But clients find it hard at times to hire the perfect candidate for android development.

MobileApptelligence is providing app development services to clients in India and abroad. It has been serving big players as well as SMEs. The experience grabbed through 10 years of service in tech industry has enabled us to develop apps for android, iOS and cross-platform development.

We have services catering to Android app development, iOS app development, iPad app development, Cross-platform app development and so on. We have been serving clients from various parts across the globe that are into different business sectors like e-commerce, car rental, market survey, real estate, education, delivery etc. Our business has been established over reliable, valuable service and real-time support. Since the day of our inception these there three factors is acting as the pillars of success.

A professional mobile app development company will certainly have their apps listed on their website. Similarly, we do have our apps. You can download those apps in your smartphone and understand the app behavior. For eg; if you are looking forward to developing an m-commerce application, then find out the application developed by us on App Store. Our quoting is not necessarily as a package. It is customizable according to the needs of our customers.

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How do I get hired by startup for android app development?


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