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You have an excellent mobile app idea or you have an existing iPhone app and you want to develop an Android app well. The next step that you would do is to search professional Android Developers. Java is the base language for Android development, which is a part of the curriculum in most of the colleges across the country. This would make numerous people claiming to know the language. One point that you should be aware of is the fact that Android comprises of best of Java. Hence simple knowledge about Java language is not enough to declare oneself as a competent Android Developer. An Android developer should be aware of several android specific features.

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The points mentioned below, would guide you in hiring right Android developer for app.

Android is an Open source – One of features of Android that has made the operating system more appealing to the developers, manufacturers and the customers is its nature of being an open source. It is essential that the Android developer that you hire have a good knowledge of Android open source ecosystem. The android developer should be aware of some good open-source library along with being a part of an open source project. Involvement of the Android developer with an android open source project would be great. This involvement could be in the form of bugs files or patches submitted. This is an indication of possessing a deep knowledge about android platform. This is also an indication of the android developer being aware of the place from where he or she can take the code, as AOSP contains some of the greatest reusable codes.

Java Fundamentals – Possessing an excellent knowledge about Java language is a must for a good Android developer. This could be better put forward as an Android developer must be a master in java language. Some of the questions that would help in accessing the knowledge level of the Android developers know the data type to use in the right situation? Does the


Android developers

Android developer have experience with JNI (Java native interface)? Knowledge regarding these are related to advance understanding about the Java platform, which is the foundation for any Android application that could be termed as good.

JankJank is a colloquial language used by the developers. Jank occurs when an iPhone app scrolls smoothly and an Android app shutter. Android app overriding the back button inappropriately or having a task bar that is ugly and has uncertain crash is termed as Jank. When you speak about Jank to an Android developer, they would get defensive and start providing you with anti-jank patterns. An Android developer should have knowledge about database-backed scroll view, reusable view holders and redrawing the part of the screen that has changed. The developers must have seen the Google I/O talks on how to remove Jank and their knowledge about the same would be reflected in their works.

Versioning – When we look at the past of android, there are many versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0 and many more. Each version of android constitutes of their own APIs and capabilities and the question to be raised is “if the Android developer is able to handle all these versions?”. It would be wise to decide on the version of Android that you want to target at the earliest. Choosing among the various versions of Android is quite challenging as each version has varied screen size, resolution and pixel densities. More complications are added as the APIS, codes, applications and skins vary according to the manufacturer, altering the way the app runs. Will the Android app developer be able to handle all these? The Android app developer must possess some knowledge about the challenges that you are about to face during the process of Android app

Publishing and Distribution – The process of android app development is followed by publishable of the app. You should make sure that the android app developer you hire is capable of publishing the app after completion of the development process. Publishing the Android app and gaining traction is quite difficult. It is easy to get the thing online, as there is no review process associated with Android, like it is present for iPhone. Once the app is published it is free for all. You will have to make sure that the Android app developer you hire is capable of publishing the app. You have to make sure that the application comes up in the search terms you are looking to target along with managing customer feedback and keeping the rating high. One more thing that has to be considered is the capability of the Android developer in publishing the application in the alternative app stores. Reading this content must have provided you with some idea about the points to keep in mind while choosing an Android app developer for your app development project and the place where you should look for, during the course of hiring the developers.

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How to design mobile app UIs/UX in most efficient way?

While designing mobile app, one should consider: user interface design and user experience design. Few key parameters, which must be followed, includes 1. Simplicity 2. Consistency 3. Right use of color pallette 4. Clear work flow. Understand the purpose of your app from the customer’s perspective and the ways the app will benefit the business or make money. A professional app UI developer, who has worked on the same kind of apps, may definitely save your time.

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