Trend of Mobile Application Development India in 2016

The year 2016, is coming to an end. This has been a great year for mobile app companies. The mobile app industry continues to evolve every year introducing new trends and technologies. App development companies are now focusing on technologies like wearables devices and Internet of Things. The legacy continues even this year with the addition of new trends like mcommerce, big data, cloud application, mobile wallet, GEO location, short videos, mobile advertisement HTML 5, mobile gaming and many more.  Let’s have a look on top technology trends in mobile industry that have dominated the market in 2016.

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Mobile app development trends

Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is one of the major breakthrough in the digital sector. With the invention of cloud computing, the dependency on traditional storage devices is removed. One can access his files anywhere and anytime using cloud computing as they are stored in the internet space. App developers can now create application which can be used on multiple devices with same functions, features and data. It enables the mobile users to sync their apps on different devices. Furthermore, it amazingly improves the user experience.

Mobile Wallet

Though exists earlier as PayPal, mobile wallet made a grand entry in the app industry with a facelift. Several apps were launched where users can credit money and use it to pay bills. It is reported that 19% of the commercial sales is registered from smartphones. Mobile device is been used as a credit or debit cards for making payments like never before. This cashless payment is a huge hit among mobile users in 2016. Apple Pay and Google Wallet is an ideal example of mobile wallet.

GEO Location

GEO location apps also made a rage in the mobile industry in 2016. These apps help to locate nearby shops, bars, eateries, movie theatres etc. It also helps users to share their current location with friends, find places and check in remotely at club, restaurant, bars or any event. Mobile devices have chip embedded into it which track the information with the help GPS signals and let the user know about the nearby locations. Examples of GEO location apps are Foursquare, Gowalla, Brighkite and Loopt. Biggies like Facebook and Google also introduces their geo-location services and apps. Facebook app has an in-built geo-location service whereas Google has a geo-location app called Google Buzz.


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HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML 5 is a mobile app development tool which has gain a lot of attention in 2016 as it enables developers to create hybrid mobile apps which can be easily used for multiple platforms. Therefore, HTML is expected to promote hybrid technology for mobile apps which is comparatively cheaper than native platform. It ultimately reduced the cost of developing an app. Many app development companies are following the HTML updates to incorporate it in app development process.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in the world of mobile. It helps to connect various electronic gadgets with the help of WiFi. Internet of Things enables several electronic devices to connect (or communicate) with each other and share information. In the corporate world, IoT has a huge potential to streamline workflow and process. It can help in the following way:

  • Study data in real-time
  • Provides integration services
  • Offers analytical services
  • Data can be browsed through mobile and other devices


Mcommerce or mobile commerce is the most upcoming trend in the retail industry. It is nothing but the use of mobile devices to purchase goods or articles online. It is reported that around 19% of the retail sales are made via smartphones in 2014 which is a clear indication that mcommerce is replacing other mode of shopping. It has also given birth to mobile wallet like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Big Data

Big Data also made a grand entry in the mobile industry. With the growing presence of innovative technologies in the mobile industry, there is an urgent need of a system that will maintain the data efficiently and securely. Mobile app developers are looking for a method to store and collect data safely. Big data may be a good solution for data collection in future. App developers may integrate Big data into apps to develop a successful and engaging app.  Data collection on computers exists since decades but it is the new trend for mobile devices. And Big data is expected to fuel the trend in mobile industry. Big data will help the companies to extract valuable information about customers and use them to provide better services.    

With the growing app trend and introduction of new technologies, overall it has been a good year for mobile industry. Hope the coming years also witnesses a similar progress and success.

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