Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana focusing on product centric mobile app development initiatives. – Premium mobile apps are on the demand. If you want to make a breakthrough in niche apps, think out of the box. Many demographics are yet to be utilized. Dealing with them in your next app, you will face less competition from other developers and can capture more business. Following are the demographic segments, where mobile app developers must aggressively pursue to explore the growing opportunities.


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  1. Keep fit with Pharma, wellness and healthcare mobile apps

More and more patients are browsing the internet to gather health information. Mobile app development in the healthcare technologies, is becoming more and more popular. Global survey reports that fitness and health based mobile apps make money more than gaming apps. Patients are searching for tools that will help them manage their health. This is the reason, more and more android app developers and iphone app developers are focusing on this sector.


With the significant changes in technology and patient behavior, pharma and healthcare are becoming increasingly mobile. So you can think of creating a niche app that helps users to follow a particular workout. Or your mobile app can cater to an underrepresented demographic, such as homemakers or people with high BP. By focusing on a smaller market share, your mobile app will be noticed easily among the crowd and bring profits. You can also think of a mobile app for research purposes. Main categories of health apps are Chronic disease management, Medication adherence, Remote patient monitoring, Communication between patient and provider, Personal health management, and Clinical support tools.


  1. Eat, drink and be merry

Food and drink mobile apps are less in number when compared to other popular niche categories as games. It’s curious that iPad had done well in the kitchen. If you love wine, create an app with a tasting list from the best wine shop in the city. Or develop a mobile app on Italian or Thai cuisine, not only with recipe but also the malls where the ingredients are available along with the prices. Several mobile app developers are only focusing on this niche.


  1. Apps to create creativity

Creative apps like the ones which help artists in drawing or photo and video editing are much in demand. If the mobile app developer is able to deliver a better video editing, photo filtering or design app that integrates with a user’s social media account, he can generate high earnings.


  1. Run after bargains with an app

People like bargaining and get rewards for their loyalty to a particular brand. And they always love to compare prices. Store-specific or item-specific bargain hunting apps may bring you a fortune beyond bargain.


The demographic real estate brings the mobile app developers, a fortune with considerable monthly download revenues.. Real estate mobile apps give the consumers all that they need to know about a property.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.




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