Mobile App Development – Enterprise CRM Software System – ( is an award winning mobile app development company. We deliver custom mobile apps including enterprise mobility solutions, mobile apps for CRM and sales forecast app.

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Mobile phones have become a part of human life on the earth and the community of your customers cannot be an exception. Its proliferation in short span of time, it’s still continuing, is a great phenomenon. Global businesses and enterprises have been greatly influenced by productivity apps. These apps let the sales team connect to potential clients on the go or manage the queries of existing clients, ensuring better client satisfaction.

Below is the brief feature list:

  • View / Create departments and modules.
  • View / Create promotions
  • Add / Modify Customer Information
  • Manage / Divide Sales Team
  • View Contract signed and other details of the contract
  • View / edit comment
  • Prepare contracts with customers and get alert on renewal
  • Can call the customer directly from app
  • Calendar-Appointment management
  • Send message to single or multiple customers at a time
  • Make appointment reminders directly
  • Show birthday reminders in the app and ability to send custom message or predefined message as the user chooses
  • Receive RSS feed directly
  • Email Blast
  • Powerful search function helps searching for required information in both Client (offline) and Server (online)
  • Receive push notification – Cron job

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About MobileAPPtelligence

Mobileapptelligence creates next generation native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. We have clients and partners all over the world, entrusting us to devise and execute their mobile application development & deployment strategies. Being a leading mobile application development company, our team works with clients closely to develop and deliver best in class mobile apps. Custom UI/UX with robust functional logic, sets a great end user experience and thus more conversions. Every aspect of our mobile application development process is associated with user behavioral and online downloads data, driving great visibility and user hits to clients' mobile apps.
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