iOS8 -new app development platform, features latest tools for mobile app development to develop business apps

iOS app development with swift language_mobileapptelligence ( is a cutting-edge iOS application development company providing best in class iOS application development services, with headquarter in Bangalore, India. We offer end to end design and development new platform- iOS8.

Apple’s new operating system update, iOS8, brings numerous features that are important for business functions. MobileAPPtelligence an award winning iOS application development company is highlighting into the main features of the new Apple OS here. This may help our clients in formulating their next mobile strategy. This is important because, the step from iOS7 to iOS8 is much larger than all the previous iOS updates.

Far-reaching changes

The update to iOS7 is accompanied by a new design and a revised user guide for the operating system. It does not make much difference to the end-user, but has far more ambitious innovations. PROVAB iOS team feels that companies should note in particular the following points:

Openness: The update includes over 4000 new interfaces that transform and extend the functionalities of apps and with potentialities that may have effects on all sectors of the economy.

Safety: Many new features ensure that iOS 8 more-than-ever meets the needs of businesses. The new programming Swift will greatly simplify the development of desktop and mobile apps.

Implementation: To get the most out of iOS 8, companies need to update their existing iOS apps as well as develop new iOS apps, utilizing the new functionalities therein.

An open ecosystem

With the introduction of iOS8 Apple makes some fundamental changes in its mobile operating system that will create new opportunities for app developers. We see many productivity improvements in iOS8, including a simpler interface to work with multiple displays.

With iOS 8, we can enable an app to determine its precise indoor position in supported venues. So our app can take full advantage of indoor positioning. Companies can provide targeted advertising to customers in a retail store.

iOS8 allows nearby devices to hand off activities to each other. Prepare an email on your iPad and when you approach Your Mac PC, you can continue writing from where you stopped on iPad. The app called Extensions optimizes the integration of different programs. The update also introduces interactive communications between developers and users.

In future, iOS8 will become ubiquitous. With HomeKit, the developer can create a framework for interfaces to facilitate networking of home electronics. You can open your front door with your iPhone. You will get a notification if the gas is leaking in your kitchen. With HealthKit, the heathcare companies can assign the developer to make innovative apps..

Ready for use in business

For companies that use Apps to communicate with customers or employees, iOS8 has some useful innovations. New tools for managing mobile devices (Mobile Device Management, MDM) allow administrators to control iCloud backups and prevent removing services or setting up restrictions by the users. The handling of business with MDM will make fundamental changes towards a self-evident and widespread use of such technologies.

Authentication via Apple’s fingerprint technology, Touch ID, allows administrators to create new levels of security to app-level. They also have the ability to protect sensitive data within an application by a password with iOS 8. This will lead to the development of a wider range of enterprise apps with less development costs. The additional set of passwords is, however, also represent a new challenge for administrators.

The new programming Swift is easier to use than the alternative Objective-C. The development of apps becomes faster and cheaper, which makes the operating system as a whole more attractive to businesses and the developers they hire.

Development team at MobileAPPtelligence are being trained to deal with the new features and programming languages​​ of iOS8. We will soon have the highly skilled iOS8 app development team in India ready to cater to the iOS8 needs of companies worldwide.



About MobileAPPtelligence

Mobileapptelligence creates next generation native mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. We have clients and partners all over the world, entrusting us to devise and execute their mobile application development & deployment strategies. Being a leading mobile application development company, our team works with clients closely to develop and deliver best in class mobile apps. Custom UI/UX with robust functional logic, sets a great end user experience and thus more conversions. Every aspect of our mobile application development process is associated with user behavioral and online downloads data, driving great visibility and user hits to clients' mobile apps.
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