Travel Mobile Apps Development, a growing opportunity.

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2014 seems to be a potent year for mobile apps development in travel domain. Mobile apps are now available in almost every business vertical but certainly there is a always a scope for an idea, which is out of box.


Travel mobile apps have transformed travel process in the recent times. For example, a recently launched flight app tracks the scheduled departures from more than 4,200 airports and 1,100 airlines. There are many new apps, giving the information regarding the sightseeing, restaurants and hotels With the travel mobile application UrbanSpoon, just shake your phone, watch the dials spin like an old-school slot machine, and there shows the best guide to local restaurants. With Tweetie, send vacation pics and witty comments from far off places. And a lot more travel apps are out there in the stores to accompany in your voyages. And many more ideas lurk in the dark eager to get developed into mobile applications.

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Travel-app market is growing and sky is the limit for it. Since there are numerous ways to plan, manage, and carry out a trip, multitudinal apps can be developed, in spite of the oodles of apps already in the stores.

For any decent traveler, a smartphone with a travel app is as indispensable as a suitcase nowadays. So travel market opportunities for mobile application developers are immense. Developers can create apps for travelers on a business trip or a weekend getaway, or an exotic overseas vacation. The developers should keep in mind the following.

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Today’s travelers crave for high-quality connectivity and mobility through their smartphones and tablets.

This mobile app landscape is a treasure trove for travel companies. It’s a fun and potentially high profitable playground for talented app developers.

There’s enough room in the app stores for new travel apps which cover each of the infinite number of travel situations, making journeys safer, smoother and more fun.

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Many surveys prove that there’s high potential for mobile app development in travel industry. Mobile apps remain a largely untapped opportunity within the travel industry. At Provab, we have developed several useful and user-friendly smart phone apps that have become worldwide favourites of travelers.

With the phenomenal rise of tourism indudtry, travels are increasing and travelers encounter new problems that didn’t exist before. Naturally, apps that provide mobile solutions for them are heartily welcomed. Mix the practical with the inspirational. That should be the main guideline for the travel app developer. A developer should take ideas from the travelers returning from far off places who faced some difficult situations. Is there any mobile solution for it? Finding it, the developer can create an app specifically for that problem.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of the modern & civilized life. At the beginning of 2014, Apple and Google stores were seen to be offering more than a million mobile apps for various needs and different business verticals.

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.



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