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India being one of the top technology driven company is competing with the global market of mobile apps is competing with global technology industry. Having the vast pool of intellect in all the technology related to infrastructure, hardware, software development and now it is mobile application development.

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A recent study by the market research firm Juxt polled an extraordinary number of smartphone users – 121,311 individuals in 30,066 households across India – and found that the nation now can claim roughly 554.8 million mobile users!

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Being a highly populated country india has definitely more mobile users than there are people in the United States. And what’s amazing is that this figure was only half as large a few short years ago.

According to the study, these users employ 643.4 million active SIM cards, and there are approximately 773.9 million live SIMs in India. Of these users, 23.8 million individuals access the Internet through a mobile data connection such as GPRS or 3G. More interestingly, a million of those users connect to the Internet exclusively via mobile.

Laptops, Desktop , Keyboards and Mouse have replaced the touch screen.

Messengers, Mobile apps , Internet have become easily available to every indian citizens sitting in every nuke corner of the city or town.


This is the reason why mobile app development have become the latest buzz in Indian technology market. Every enterprise and businesses need a mobile app to monetise his business. Every enterprise and business is looking for best mobile app development company in India with best mobile app developers to convert their idea to app reality. There may be thousands of mobile app development company and mobile app developers providing mobile application development services but one has to be careful enough to choose the RIGHT one. A correct decision taken on time will save you a lot in terms of both time and money.


What might surprise you, though, is that a majority of the users who access Internet exclusively through mobile data connections are in rural areas. You might not associate rural communities with being technologically progressive, but in this case, we’re guessing that mobile connections provide convenient access in locations where obtaining a reliable hardwired home connection is difficult. [Commenters, if you’re familiar with the reasons behind these stats, we’d love to hear more!]

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Indeed, a slim majority 54% of India’s mobile users live in rural areas. And yet mobile saturation is only at 36% (urban mobile saturation is far more developed, as you might expect, having reached 70%). This means that opportunities for growth among rural mobile users in India are quite robust. For small businesses in India and app developers, the message is clear: the always-growing mobile space is practically begging for increased attention, and rural users should be at the center of your efforts.

What do they want? Well, according to the study, landline users are focused on games, videos, and music, but mobile users are all about communication. Thus, social networking, instant messaging, and e-mail are the favorites of the mobile user. Keeping in touch, it seems, is the most useful feature of mobile devices. And users are keeping in touch more than ever.

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If you have an Idea for Mobile App which is really worth to convert your business then it’s really worth going for developing a mobile app for your business to take your client experience to next level.

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