What iOS 8 offers to mobile app developers?


With the release of iOS8, mobile app developers are discussing about the great features, which apple has bundled in the new package. From the end user perspective and mobile apps development perspective, there are many highlights to be appreciated about iOS8. Remember, this is the biggest update by Apple since 2008. It is speculated that iOS8 will redefine the mobile app usage and mobile app development lifecycle as well. Do have a look at below points.

In the line of passbook app, iOS 8 offers a dashboard which shows information from different health apps. HomeKit is a standardised network protocol that can be used for controlling external devices in the home. It will allow apps control various home-automated services and gadgets within.

With iOS 8, Apple will open out its ecosystem adequately to let extensibility through widgets, system-wide keyboards, notifications, camera, and the Touch ID sensor. It lets apps to share functionality with other apps. Apps can talk to each other and work together. The app mobile app developers can use this wonderful feature can make an app which will function as tools and services too.

Apple’s newly introduced feature of Photokit will help iphone app developers to use the camera hardware in the smartphones more efficiently and for quick performance. Wit a novel cloud-base storage form, Photokit enhances sharing of images across many devices.

iMessage features in iOS 8 willl pose a challenge to Whatsapp. You can reply to texts right from the notification banner itself. Apple will be smart enough to foretell what are you going to write, to see what is in your mind and it will complete your started words with Predictive Text.

ICloud will take on Dropbox and Google Drive. The iCloud Photo Library and the Photo App gives users stable access to videos and images. CloudKit will assist mobile developers get rid of the need to write server codes to maintain servers. Another feature significant to mobile app developers is its offering of sync between Apple devices along with Yosemite. Spotlight will be a boon to developers since it takes location and context of the users into account. Extensions of apps can connect with facets of iOS like Notication Center and the keyboard, whereas some others will be able to work with OS X Yosemite.

With the onset of the Touch ID API in iOS 8, iphone app developer will eventually be able to create apps that leverage the sensor, ie authenticating users within apps and securing logins and user data. Fingerprint data will be safe too.

Developer-specific app store consists of new app previews and app bundles. iTunes Connect will present analytics to developers at no cost, whereas Test-Flight will help to beta test pre-release apps. 2014 & 2015 will be very exciting to watch as mobile app development will definitely take itself to another level.

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Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in native mobile app development.





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